Makeup Geek Eyeshadows – Frappe, Cocoa Bear and Creme Brulee Review!

Hey girls

After using my Makeup geek shadows constantly every single look I have done in the last few days I am finally ready to share my views on it. No kidding, I literally find a way to use these shadows in all of my eye makeup looks. The colours are very neutral and hence they make it so easy to blend out shadows and not have any harsh lines. Read on to know more :)


Price – Between 750/- to 950/- depending on the seller you get them from

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Four PAC Makeup Brushes Review!

Hello wonderful people,

I am back with this longggg overdue review. I think you must have all heard a lot about the brand PAC cosmetics so far. They have some great makeup brushes at a very affordable price range. I was looking for some eye makeup brushes when I came across a post on facebook where someone was very happy with their range. I decided to give it a try and I am finally ready to share my review :)


Brushes I will review today are all Eye ones. The numbers are 102, 315, 028 and 033. Lets start off with some common things about the brushes shall we? :)

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Matte Cut Crease Makeup look!

Hey girls

Hope you had a nice week. I am posting this look that I gave you a sneak peek of this week. I am in love with people’s cut crease looks so I keep trying them out on myself. I am not entirely happy with how this one came out but I think it looks decent nevertheless. I think I will keep practicing until I am happy with how it looks. This one is an all matte look with no shimmer at all. I love shimmer shadows so much but I think this was a nice welcome change. I will list all products used down below. Dont forget to comment if you like it :)


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ELF Complete Coverage Concealer – Dark review!

Hey girls

Hope you enjoyed my previous post where I recreated one of Aishwarya’s looks from the Cannes Film festival. Today I will be reviewing the product that I use most of the times when I am in the mood for contouring. The times these days are all about a sculpted look and giving your face that dimension. There are so many products available (sadly not as many in India) that can help you achieve that contoured look. The most popular ones that I see are the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kits. I dont own any of those kits because I dont contour and bronze on an everyday basis. Today I will review this ELF concealer that was meant to be a concealer but since it’s in the shade dark it serves as the perfect contouring product.


Price – $3

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Aishwarya Rai Inspired Blue Eye Makeup look!

Hey girls

So as promised I am doing the look you all requested me to do yesterday. I think every year everyone is always on the lookout for Aishwarya’s red carpet looks at the Cannes film festival. She always does something unique and different. This time she wore very experimental blue eye makeup with a beige sparkly dress. The makeup was a hit and miss with some people. I quite liked the makeup look though. It is so summery and fresh and I am totally doing it again soon. I did not have the exact pencil liners that she used but I made do with the things that I had. I will list all the details below for you all.

I did not shoot this post in my usual place since it was too hot and I kept on sweating my face off. I dont know if it was just me but I felt the temperature outside was way too hot yesterday. I dont think a center part is really my thing so I switched to my usual side part. Let me know what you think of my recreation :)


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Something different?! Purple liner makeup look!

Hey girls

So I tried something different and something artistic yesterday. You know me, I love trying out different eye makeup looks and I love experimenting. I dont remember on whose Instagram video I first saw that you can use a liquid lipstick as an eyeliner but it is a great tip you guys! It’s so easy to use and applies so smooth. I ordered my first eyeshadows from MakeupGeek (ordered through lamakeupaffaire) and I am loving them. I ordered through the Insta page ‘lamakeupaffaire’ and you wont believe I literally got my parcel in under 24 hours! Super impressed!

Here is how this look turned out. I will list all of the products used below :) Let me know what you think!


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Inglot Duraline Review!

Hey pretties,

Hope you’re having a nice week. I cant believe it’s just Wednesday today. Can it be Friday alreadyyy?! I’m gonna review my Duraline solution from Inglot which I got a while ago. I have heard so many things about it and I finally decided to try it out! Read on to know more :)


Price- 850/-

Availability – Inglot Stores, Major Brand site

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The Body Shop Banana Shampoo and Conditioner Review!

Hey Girls

Sorry I have been missing for a while. I did not have much Internet access so wasnt able to do any blogposts. New Eye makeup posts coming soon too :) Today I am reviewing the Banana shampoo and conditioner from The Body Shop. I have thin, frizzy, wavy hair that gets impossible to tame at times so I am always on the lookout for products that can help me control the frizz. Read on to know what I think about this shampoo and conditioner :)


Price – 795/- for each

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Chambor Extremewear Lipstick 462 review!

Hey girls

I’m back with another post :) Sorry I was a bit away these last few days. I did not have any internet connection. I have been trying out the new Chambor Extreme wear lipstick since the last few days and I think I have now properly made up my mind about it. I took a little time trying out the best ways to use it and I think I know what works best for me. Read on to know more :)


Price – 845/-

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Bronze Smokey Eye!

Hey girls

As promised, I am posting the pictures of the bronze smokey eye I did for a wedding recently in this post. I will mention all of the products used below. I dont know about it, but usually when I am in a rush I always tend to go for neutral eye makeup looks. I am all in for experimenting but sometimes time just does not allow you to do that. I have had this Milani Shadow Eyes stick for sometime and I tell you girl, that thing is long lasting! It does not budge or crease for 8 hours straight. All of these eye makeup pics were clicked after 7 hours of doing my makeup (hence the weird oil shine in some of them) and you can still see how fresh the shadow looks. The mascara has flaked a little bit here and there but the rest of the eye makeup just stuck in its place.

Anyways enjoy the pictures and if you havent already, see my outfit post here :)


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