Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette Review!

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I’m reviewing a stunning eyeshadow palette after ages today. The Modern Renaissance palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills literally took the world by storm with its amazing pigmentation and quality. I got mine from UK when I went there this August (See my haul here). I have used it quite a few times since then and I have to say its probably one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes ever. Read on to know more about it 🙂


Price – Got it for 41 GBP, available for lesser in the US

The Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette has a beautiful pastel pink outer packaging which makes it feel so luxurious and expensive. I just love the packaging of this one. It has an array of neutral and pink toned eyeshadows. Each colour is more stunning than the other. You can create very subtle or very glam looks with this. It is a versatile palette and comes with an eyeshadow brush which isnt the softest one out there but definitely does the job. One end can be used to apply eyeshadows while the other is a fluffier one which you can use to blend out the edges.


The eyeshadows are so pigmented, just one swipe of the brush and you are good to go. Mine have quite a lot of fall out as well but I don’t mind that as long as the product is pigmented. You can just tap off the excess before applying it to your eyes and are good to go. The colour pay off is really good and you dont need to keep building the colour at all. They’re literally some of the most buttery shadows I have ever tried. My Morphe shadows are also quite similar in their pigmentation but I would say this is just a teeny tiny bit better compared to them. With an eye primer the shadows last all day long without any creasing at all.


I never thought I would love this palette as much as I do. It’s just such a great palette that you can use for everyday or for special occasions. I will be creating some more looks with this one really soon, my eyes are quite itchy and annoyed at the moment so I am staying away from putting anything on them. I created this gradient eye look with this palette the other day and loved working with it. Then I tried my BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo palette and my brain totally understood why the Modern Renaissance one is priced so much higher. It just has way better quality. Anastasia Beverly Hills has come up with another makeup palette in Collaboration with Mario (Kim K’s makeup artist) but for now I am just very happy with my Modern Renaissance palette and will skip the Mario palette.

dsc_0853 dsc_0854

I’m so sorry for the bad swatches, I kept swatching them side ways without realizing it and then it was extremely hard to click pictures of it 😛 Hopefully the eye makeup pic makes up for it.

dsc_0855 dsc_0856 dsc_0857

Overall, if you are looking for an amazing palette to buy I would say give this one a go, I’m sure you would love it.



  1. Great colour pay off
  2. Pigmented
  3. Fall out (only in the pan)
  4. Buttery
  5. Blend really easily
  6. Dont crease too soon


  1. None for me

My rating – 5/5



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  1. beautiful colors.. wanna try anastasia products..

  2. ohhh my my…. the eye makeup is perfect and beautiful beyond words… I am eyeing this pallet since long..

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