Auravedic Skin Lightening Oil Review!

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I’m back with another skincare review for you all. I was sent a few Auravedic products by the brand a few months ago. I have been constantly trying them out. I already reviewed the other two products (Read the review here). I took a little bit longer to review this oil is because I could not form an opinion. I have seen so many people love and rave about this so I wanted to test it out fully and not rush into this review. Read on to know what I think about it 🙂


Price – 250/-

The oil comes in a plastic bottle with a lid to keep it from spilling. The packaging is good enough. I have traveled with it and nothing spilled. The oil itself is a light yellow in colour and has a medium thick consistency. It spreads easily on the skin and does not absorb fully. I would recommend you using this at night time because you may end up looking a bit too oily if you use this during the day.


The oil says skin lightening but the main benefit that they have focussed on is the skin pigmentation and thanks to my wonderful Eczema I am blessed with a lot of it. I am literally always looking for products that lighten the pigmentation around my chin and make it match the rest of the face better. The pigmentation just comes and goes as the eczema does. I have read a lot of people had a good lightening effect to their pigmentation. For me, the effects were not too noticeable. It did lighten it a little bit but nothing that would make me go wow. I dont care about skin lightening (neither should you) so I did not pay any attention to that aspect. It however does moisturize my face properly and does not make it feel heavy or cause any breakouts. I have combination oily skin and this inspite of being an oil did not break me out. It works better on the pimple marks than it does on the pigmentation. It helps to lighten those to some extent.


I think the main reason why I never noticed any lightening of pigmentation is because my eczema was not too much in control lately. I wouldnt blame the oil entirely. I think at this affordable price tag, it does not hurt to try out. Who knows your skin might respond differently to it.


Overall, I wouldnt say this is the best product to help with pigmentation issues but I think that at this price tag you should definitely try it out.



  1. Affordable
  2. Does not break the skin out
  3. Good quantity
  4. Easily available
  5. Spill proof packaging
  6. Works on acne spots


  1. Not much change in the skin pigmentation

My rating – 3.5/5

See you soon 🙂

One comment on “Auravedic Skin Lightening Oil Review!

  1. I have used this and totally loved it. Helped me eradicate some acne marks and helped with my post pregnancy pigmentation also 😊
    Nice review Harman

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