Cheek, Contour & Powder Brush by WiseShe Review!

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Long time no see. I don’t really write on my blog much because I am so busy with work lately and blogging for now has taken a back seat. If you miss me you should follow me on Instagram, I am relatively more active there and post a lot more regular. You get a good glimpse into my makeup look like 🙂 Today I am reviewing the makeup brush that Anamika from WisheShe created. It is so great to see Indian bloggers and youtubers venture more into makeup products and I wish all of them the very best. Read on to know more about this brush.


Price – 700/-

Availability – Amazon here

The Brush is cruelty free and made in China. From what I can tell, it has synthetic bristles and they are so so soft. They feel like nothing on the skin and are not at all scratchy like most brushes you find online. The bristles are gathered in a sort of conical shape where the center is higher than the rest. I love the sleek body and the packaging it comes in. Overall, the brush feels very well made and luxurious in hand.


It’s supposed to be a cheek, contour and powder brush however I feel that it wont be that easy to contour with this as the brush is quite soft and I like my contour to be very precise. The best uses of it are as a blush brush and a powder brush. I have not tried it with cream products as I dont have many cream products but I think it works best with the powder products only. The bristles are not too dense which is why it does not pick up too much product in one go and it is easy to build up the pigmentation as per what you want. It really is perfect for beginnners who are scared they might go overboard easily with it. I have been using this to apply my blush every single day and I think it gives a beautiful precise application. I struggle with finding a blush brush I like and this is my perfect find now and I doubt I would be using anything else for blush now.


There is no shedding to this brush on washing so far. I have washed it once and the quality remains the same. I love synthetic bristles compared to natural hair ones, it i just is a personal preference. I think this brush is priced well and great for pro and begniners both. Currently there is a 100/- rupee discount on Amazon so make sure to get yours now.


The only thing I would want to change in this brush is the length of the bristles. I think if it had smaller bristles the application would be easier to control but at the end of the day that is also a personal preference, some people may like longer ones. I like dense, smaller bristle brushes more than longer, less dense ones.


Overall, I would recommend this brush to you if you are looking for a good, extremely soft blush brush. However, if you are like me and like smaller denser bristles for powder and contour I suggest you to look for other options. I personally am really enjoying using this one all the time and the packaging is just perfect.


Let me know if you have used this one and what your thoughts were.

Much Love <3


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