Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadow Stereo Review!

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Happy New Year to you all. This is my first post of 2016 and I am going to start off with a Colourpop review (I hope that means I own a lot of Colourpop this year :-P) For all of you that are sad that we cannot find this brand in India, I just discovered another Instagram page that works on getting their Customers products from this brand. I will leave their information down below so you can all check it out. Today I will review a stunning Berry shade from this brand. I used it in my tutorial here. As always the pigmentation of these shadows is crazy good. I have not bought anything from MAC ever since I discovered Colourpop. Read on to know more 🙂


Price – $5 in US, about 700/- in India through Insta

Availability –, On Instagram @shopyouraddiction (Page link is here)

Stereo is kind of a mauve/berry shade with some brown undertones. It’s that colour any skintone can rock. You can make the pigmentation crazy good or sheer it out for a more wearable look. I used it in a sheer way in the makeup tutorial I linked above. Colourpop shadows have a very different consistency to the other powder ones. They feel kind of cushiony. It is best to apply them with your fingers which is exactly how I prefer to put them on.

DSC_0371 DSC_0373 DSC_0374

I am a big fan of blingy shadows and this colour also has a lot of sheer glitter which just looks so amazing. It is nothing over the top but just so fine and it looks amazing on the lid. This is a perfect colour for wearing during the night time as it will give you that effortless smokey look.

DSC_0375 DSC_0377

This is how it looks under flash!

The pigmentation, colour, everything is a big thumbs up. The staying power is amazing too and the shadow lasts around 5-6 hours easily. The best part about these shadows is there is almost no fall out. I mean I cannot stop raving about them. I just love Colourpop. I think you should definitely get a shadow or two from them and see the difference for yourself. I wish I had all the shadows they manufacture haha. Hands down my favourite brand of 2015 and they have some amazing products!


Overall, I just love this shadow like all my other stuff from Colourpop and I highly recommend it to you all.



1. No fallout

2. Good staying power

3. Great pigmentation

4. Affordable

5. Easy to apply


1. Availability

My rating – 5/5

See you all soon! x


8 comments on “Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadow Stereo Review!

  1. This is such a gorgeous shade. It’s great that there is no fallout. I wish to get some of these eyeshadows this year 😀
    Cherry On Top

  2. Ahem Colourpop 😛 I love these kind of shades, great EOTD. Nice review and Happy new year 🙂

    Keep it Simple Silly

  3. I am in love with this brand. They were the best in the market for eyeshadows when they were launched That time I purchased all of the shimmer shades. I moved to India and they came out with lip liner, lipsticks, blush, matte shadow and what not. I really want to buy them again. Thanks so much Harman!!

  4. Such a lovely shade.
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