Easy New Year’s Eve Glitter Liner Look!

Hey Girls

I have soo many ideas in my head for makeup looks that I want to do for you all and I hope slowly I will get them all up. I bought loose Silver glitter a while ago but never got around to using it. I was thinking of doing a Cut Crease makeup look with it but I ended up doing an easy to do Glitter liner. Now I am doing this look with loose glitter on top of Duraline because that got my the maximum pigmentation. If you find it easier to do with a liquid liner please give it a try that way 🙂



The liner is not as perfect as I wanted it to be because I used a flat brush instead of using a brush which has a thin eyeliner kind of top but as they say practice makes a man perfect 🙂 I have Duraline for about 2 years now and I am surprised I have not used it more often. It made it so easy for the glitter to stick and there was almost no fall out anywhere. I think I will be using it more often now. My face had a bit of Eczema issues so I skipped using a liquid foundation and just used a Concealer and Powder.

silver_glitter3 silver_glitter2 silver_glitter4


Seriously guys, I love the way my Concealer technique hides my dark circles. I really want to show it to you all. Would you prefer a Tutorial? Maybe that can be my first Youtube video 😛 Maybeeee


The lipstick I used it from Maybelline colorshow range. I cannot remember the name of it. I will update this blogpost after with the name. Everything else is pretty simple. I literally did this look in under 20 minutes as I was rushing to go somewhere. No false lashes either. And yes my left lashes dont match the right ones 😛


Anddd you can see my little friend in a few pictures 🙂 He is a little pup from a litter of 4. My mom and I feed their mum everyday. Someone please adopt themmmmm 🙂

silver_glitter7 silver_glitter12 silver_glitter9

Let me know what you think 🙂

Lots of love-

Harman 🙂


14 comments on “Easy New Year’s Eve Glitter Liner Look!

  1. Yes for the tutorial, Youtube video would be awesomesause. Love the look, love how neatly you have done it. Cant believe you have used loose glitters. lipstick is that Hot chocolate 😀

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  2. Glittery eyeliner!!! I ca never think of doing so, but it looks great on you.
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  3. That lippie is going so perfect with this glitter..Now i need some glitter in my stash

  4. The lippie suits your skin tone so much. The look is easy and stylish too. 🙂

  5. Glitter mania 🙂
    This really pops your eyes. Looks beautiful.

  6. Such a pretty and festive look! 🙂

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