ELF Complete Coverage Concealer – Dark review!

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Hope you enjoyed my previous post where I recreated one of Aishwarya’s looks from the Cannes Film festival. Today I will be reviewing the product that I use most of the times when I am in the mood for contouring. The times these days are all about a sculpted look and giving your face that dimension. There are so many products available (sadly not as many in India) that can help you achieve that contoured look. The most popular ones that I see are the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kits. I dont own any of those kits because I dont contour and bronze on an everyday basis. Today I will review this ELF concealer that was meant to be a concealer but since it’s in the shade dark it serves as the perfect contouring product.


Price – $3

Availability – Sadly not available in India but you can get it through a lot of the Instagram stores that get you stuff from the other countries

I dont think anything beats the price this thing retails at. It comes in a small compact case with a tiny mirror that can be used in case of emergencies. My sister is the true owner of this palette but since she accidentally got the darkest shade she was never able to use it for her concealer needs. I did not let her throw it away as I saw a lot of contouring potential in this product 😉


As you can see from the pictures it has four different brown toned colours that you can use as per what suits your skintone the best. I generally use the third shade from left for a natural contour.


The product is so creamy in nature especially in the summers. In the winters you have to warm it up a bit by rubbing with your fingers as it gets pretty stiff due to the drop in the temperature. I use my fingers to apply it in the hollows of the cheeks and then blend it out either with my fingers or with a fluffy blending brush (like the ones used in the eye crease). The kit does come with a brush but I dont even remember when I last saw mine 😐

The coverage it gives is great. It is very opaque and you dont need to keep layering it on. I think the light shade will work great as a concealer too!


It blends up very nicely and does not look patchy at all. The staying power is not that great if you use it alone without another setting powder on the top. For special occasions I would recommend using a darker bronzer on top of it to make the effect more prominent. Honestly, I am still not in the crazy contoured trend which is why I always keep the contouring minimal. I think Indians usually have a complexion that does not require too much contouring and highlighting under the eyes etc. I agree with giving dimensions to your face but the whole thing where your under eyes are too light and cheekbones and forehead too dark is just not my cup of tea for everyday. Maybe for special occasions yes but that too in a natural way.

This is how it looks under direct sunlight.


Overall, I love this little palette and I dont think I want to go ahead and buy a proper contour kit anytime soon. If you are looking for an affordable way to try out the contour trend and have someone coming over from the US then I would recommend you to give this a try for sure.




1. Super affordable

2. Has three different colours in one kit

3. Blends easily

4. Does not look patchy

5. Opaque coverage


1. Lasting power is not the best

My rating – 4/5

See you all soon 🙂



10 comments on “ELF Complete Coverage Concealer – Dark review!

  1. At this price the product is steal.. I wonder what other shade options are available as I am desperately looking for a good concealing palette..

    • Absolutely! There are 2 other options so that makes a total of 12 concealer shades. I think you would surely find a match for you 🙂

  2. I would love to try this! Great review <3

  3. At this price it is a really nice product Harman.Loved the review.

  4. nice..I havent used cream bronzers a lot…This one looks good 😀

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