Four PAC Makeup Brushes Review!

Hello wonderful people,

I am back with this longggg overdue review. I think you must have all heard a lot about the brand PAC cosmetics so far. They have some great makeup brushes at a very affordable price range. I was looking for some eye makeup brushes when I came across a post on facebook where someone was very happy with their range. I decided to give it a try and I am finally ready to share my review 🙂


Brushes I will review today are all Eye ones. The numbers are 102, 315, 028 and 033. Lets start off with some common things about the brushes shall we? 🙂

The brushes are all super soft and I have cleaned/washed them about 5-6 times now and there has been absolutely no shedding at all. They resemble MAC makeup brushes a lot but ofcourse these come at a fraction of the price that MAC retails at. I have heard they are made in the same factory as the MAC ones. I am not 100% sure on the cruelty free status but I hope so much that they are cruelty free brushes. One thing I have noticed with these is that after washing, sometimes the bristles go in all kinds of directions. I just smooth them down with my hand they are all good afterwards. No complaints whatsoever on shedding or harshness of them at all.


PAC 315-

Price – 285/-

Availability – Amazon and PAC cosmetics site (which is not responding right now)

DSCN0788 DSCN0790

This brush is a very thin angled liner brush and I have to say it is my absolute favourite out of the lot. It makes applying gel liner sooooo easy and it is super easy to make a wing with it too. The brush is thin enough to create the finest of lines. This thing has made my eyeliner process so easy! I highly recommend this brush to you all if you want a good one for all your gel liners!

PAC 102-

Price – 585/-

Availability – Amazon and PAC cosmetics site (which is not responding right now)

DSCN0784 DSCN0785 DSCN0786

This brush is one used to apply eyeshadow on the eyelid. It is very soft and does not feel harsh on my eczema prone eyes at all. It is very fine and makes it very easy to apply eyeshadow in specific areas. You have good control with this one. Again I really recommend this brush if you want to get a nice brush for applying eyeshadow to the lid area or even if you want to smoke out the lower lashline.

PAC 028-

Price – 585/-

Availability – Flipkart and PAC cosmetics site (which is not responding right now)

DSCN0793 DSCN0794 DSCN0796

PAC 028 is a fluffy blending brush. When I first saw a picture of this brush, I was scared that it maybe a bit scruffy. But to my surprise this is very soft and makes it very easy to blend out harsh lines. I just use it to put a transition shade in the crease and for blending everything together. I love this one too.

PAC 033-

Price – 585/-

Availability – Amazon, Flipkart and PAC cosmetics site (which is not responding right now)

DSCN0797 DSCN0798

I have to admit, this is the brush that made me find and buy from their brand. It is supposed to be a dupe for Morphe M433 which I saw Jaclyn Hill use and I wanted it ever since. This brush is perfect for applying colour to your crease and blending it out. The shape of it just fits perfectly in the socket and makes it so easy to apply eyeshadow to the right places. Just like all the other brushes I love this one too.

I have been using these four brushes for every makeup look that I have created recently (Please follow me on Instagram and Facebook if you want to see some of those looks) and I am super impressed. You should definitely try them out if you are looking for some affordable makeup brushes 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this review. If you have any questions then feel free to ask me 🙂

See you soon!



8 comments on “Four PAC Makeup Brushes Review!

  1. These brushes sounds like good affordable options for beginners. Would love to try them.

  2. Hi Harman.I have trying to place my order on Pac brushes site but after trying it for several times I just could not place the order.I thought there was something wrong at my end but now as you said its the same with everyone.I too wanted to pick up a few Pac brushes and makeup sponges and I think I will get them through Amazon.The brushes review makes me even more excited to try them out.If you have some face brushes too please review them so that I can decide from your review and place the order.Nicely reviewed Harman.

    • I just have one fan sort of a brush from them 🙁 Do order through Amazon. They have great delivery 🙂

  3. these brushes look great 😀

  4. These look great..i would place the order at amazon 🙂

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