Lakme Absolute Bi-Phased makeup remover review!

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Happy Monday (as if there is ever one). Hope you guys have a wonderful week ahead. Today I am going to review a very essential item that everyone needs to have in their vanity. That is a good makeup remover. We often use so many Waterproof and long lasting products that it becomes increasingly difficult to remove them just with water. You need to keep a Makeup remover handy that can take off all the stuff before you go wash your face. I have been using my trusty Bioderma Sensibio since ages (You can read its review here). I actually had two big 500 ml bottles that lasted me 3 years. When I ran out I decided to give this one a try. Read on to know more.


Price – 250/-

Starting off, this is a Biphased makeup remover true to its name. There are two separate layers, one is like some oil and the other is water like. You need to give it a good shake before using it else you may end up having just the oily layer on your tissue/cotton.


This is a spray bottle instead of one with an open mouth. You have to shake it well and spray it onto a cotton ball/round. The packaging is pretty good, my only problem is that sometimes if you spray a bit slowly it pretty much leaks around the nozzle. You need to be very firm and quick with the spray otherwise you might end up spilling it.

DSC_0754 (2)

Coming to how it performs, this thing pretty much takes away all of my waterproof/water soluble makeup. I do need quite a lot of sprays to remove my Waterproof mascara properly. It leaves a greasy kind of feeling on the skin which I dont enjoy as much as I was so used to my Bioderma one which felt just like water on the skin. You need to be careful not to get this in your eyes while removing eye makeup as it makes them feel weird. It does not sting, only you get a feeling like you got oil in your eyes. It removes all of my Maybelline Falsies mascara which is a waterproof one and is kind of hard to remove. Also if you get breakouts with Silicones then give this one as miss as it has Dimethicone in it.

DSC_0755 (2)

Overall I think this is a very good remover for the price of it. I may not repurchase it as I am going to buy my Bioderma one again. I dont like the oily feeling on my skin and around the eyes but if that does not bother you I would say you give this one a try, it performs very well.


1. Inexpensive

2. Easily Available

3. Takes off Waterproof makeup too

4. Does not sting or irritate skin


1. Leaves a Β greasy feeling

My rating – 4/5

See you guys soon!



6 comments on “Lakme Absolute Bi-Phased makeup remover review!

  1. I have used this a couple of years when the packaging was pink in color and liked it as it was quite effective in removing makeup

  2. somehow i have not really like it …good to know it worked for u!

  3. I hadn’t tried this yet… but sounds like a good product Harman. Thanks for the review! πŸ™‚

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