Mac blush in Springsheen + FOTD

Hey everyone,
Hope that all of you are having a wonderful week. I dont think that I have ever reviewed a blush on my blog yet, I have done it on IMBB but not here. So here I am with the review of my first blush from Mac which is Springsheen.

Price:- 1350/-
Finish:- Sheertone shimmer

For the longest time I have wanted to own Nars blush in Orgasm ( Yeah, I know really weird name ), but being in India I could not have it. Then one day I saw Rati di’s post on Imbb which said that MAc springsheen was similar to the Nars blush. So on my next visit to Mac, I tried on a few blushes and absolutely loved this one. So it had to come home with me. Ever since this has been my most used blush. I am currently off the pink blush phase, so I wanted something which was peachy sorts and this blush fits every single requirement. I love this one. ^_^

The finish of the blush is Sheertone shimmer. Hence, it has chunks of golden shimmer in it, but its not really like the kind of shimmer you find in some other makeup items, which are more interested in exploring all the parts of your face rather than staying in one place. Ugh, dont even ask me how much I hate things that have chunky shimmer which makes my face sparkle like I am a twilight character. The gold shimmer is finely milled and looks very nice and highlights your cheek at the same time. The colour is not as pigmented since it is sheertone finish. But you can always layer it for an intense look.

I am not too sure if it would show up on all skintones, so it is always better to try it on in the store before buying it 🙂

The colour is somewhat rosey peach ( if thats even a colour ). It gives such a nice glow to the skin and does not look odd. But with this blush the other makeup should be kept matte, so that you dont end up looking like a discoball.
See the swatches below and notice how the shimmer shows up in certain light and at a certain angle.



The blush stays easily around 5 hours after which it fades away since the colour is lighter. You can always wear it on top of some other blush to make it last longer. It is very smooth and does not fall out at all.

I love this blush and as per me it is a must have one. The quality is super amazing and it is very unique. SO if you also want something like Nars Orgasm then this is the best match which is available easily in India.

1. Smooth
2. Fine shimmer
3. Gives a glowy effect
4. No fall out
5. Stays longer than most drugstore ones

1. Colour fades away after a while leaving behind subtle shimmer

So do check it out if you like shimmery peach blushes.
But if you like matte blushes only then you can surely skip this one.

My rating:- 4.9/5

Heres my picture of the day, I wanted to show you guys how it looks on the cheek. Do let me know what you think in your comments 🙂





11 comments on “Mac blush in Springsheen + FOTD

  1. gorg eyeing this shade for a long time

  2. you should totally get it. It looks good even layered on other blushes 🙂

  3. Verryy pretty on you 🙂

  4. thank you so much 🙂 🙂

  5. gosh, it looks lovely! more so on your face! 🙂

  6. Thank you so much Ritu 🙂 :* you should try it too

  7. I am eyeing this blush from a long time! looks gorgeous on you

  8. thank you Parita di! Its is really gorgeous. I love the colour 🙂

  9. it suits u a lot, btw following u…. just one small doubt, harman…… goga ur nickname or something else..getting confooosed….:)

  10. Thank you for following 🙂 Goga is my nickname. 🙂

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