Mac Viva Glam 6 review!

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How you’re all having a wonderful weekend. It’s my Birthday today, so you can expect an outfit of the day coming your way soon 🙂 Until then, I wanted to do this review on this MAC lipstick which for some reason is so under appreciated in the Indian blogging community.  I have always loved the colour. I kind of lost it for a few days, you can imagine my joy when I found it again. It’s a universally flattering colour that would look good on every skin tone. Read on the know more about it.



Price- 1450/- May still be available in the 990/- stock

I first got this lipstick for the sole reason that MAC was raising the prices and I wanted something wearable from the old stock. This colour seemed to beautiful and neutral and a little bit darker than my Viva Glam 5 which I also love. So I thought why not go with this one. I dont remember seeing a review on this from any of our Indian bloggers so picking this up was just pure luck. Turns out it is exactly what I expected and I love it. The finish is a Lustre one and it has a lovely Vanilla Fragrance. I absoluttely love the Vanilla fragrance in MAC lipsticks, it just makes me want to pucker all the time and keep inhaling it haha. How crazy is that!



The lipstick glides on very smoothly and you dont need any lip balm underneath it as it’s very moisturizing. The colour is like a neutral one more on the darker side with very fine shimmer. Honestly the shimmer is so fine you dont feel it on your lips at all unlike some gritty feeling glitter. The shimmer is mutli colour due to which the finish of this looks a teeny bit frosty. The lipstick is more on the rosy side. I think it is one colour which would look amazing on both dark and light skintones alike.


The staying power unfortunately is not too great due to the fact that it’s a lustre finish. It stays on nicely for a maximum of 3 hours after which you need to reapply it. I dont really mind that, I love doing touch ups for lipstick. It dont not bleed or settle into the fine lines on the lips.


People who prefer moisturizing lipsticks are going to love this one. It’s a lot more wearable than Mac Viva Glam 5. I have gifted this to 3 other people and all of them absolutely love it.

I included lots of lip swatches in different lighting as the hand swatch didnt quite come out well.

viva3 viva4 viva5

Overall I mainly have good things to say about this colour. I hope you will have a look at this the next time you are at MAC. It’s a nice creamy colour that would eliminate the need for gloss and make your lips look plump.


1. Moisturizing

2. Universally flattering colour

3. Shimmer is very fine

4. Vanilla fragrance

5. Makes lips look smoother


1. Doesnt last too long

2. Off late, the price!

My rating – 4.5/5


Harman 🙂




3 comments on “Mac Viva Glam 6 review!

  1. I’m so sad that MAC increased their prices in India 🙁
    I’m not a fan of shimmer but this shade does look wearable. And I agree I haven’t seen this on any of the Indian blogs!

    • I know. It’s so bad. But in a way you cant even blame them, brands like Colobar have things for 990 now too :-O

  2. this shade looks beautiful on u though m not a big fan of nudes and browns…

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