Makeup Geek Eyeshadows – Frappe, Cocoa Bear and Creme Brulee Review!

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After using my Makeup geek shadows constantly every single look I have done in the last few days I am finally ready to share my views on it. No kidding, I literally find a way to use these shadows in all of my eye makeup looks. The colours are very neutral and hence they make it so easy to blend out shadows and not have any harsh lines. Read on to know more 🙂


Price – Between 750/- to 950/- depending on the seller you get them from

Availability – On the makeupgeek website here and on the instagram stores in India like lamakeupaffaire, lachicwick, to name a few


Lets start off with the review. The shadows are so buttery and soft. The colour Frappe has a tiny hit of shimmer but it’s soo subtle that you cannot see it unless under direct sunlight. There is absolutely no shimmer on the eyelid whatsoever. I use the shadows to blend out darker colours in the crease or on the outer corner. Since they are brown toned, I guess they will go with all skintones and in a wide variety of looks.


From left to right – Cocoa Bear, Creme Brulee, Frappe


The texture of the shadows is very smooth. Two colours have no fall out at all but the colour Creme Brulee has a tiny bit of fall out. Nothing too annoying like some other shadows though. You just need to use a soft brush and make sure to not swirl around and around in the shadow. The pigmentation is amazing. In just one swipe you get a great amount of product and you really need only a small bit always. The staying power ofcourse is like any other powder shadow. I never use an eyeshadow without a primer because my eyelids are super oily and if I tried that, especially in summers my eyeshadow would be gone within 3 minutes for sure. They are a little pricey if you order through the Insta stores but I guess its still worth the price considering most of the shadows we get in India lack in pigmentation or have a crazy amount of fallout.

The colour Creme Brulee is a very light skin toned shadow that I use in the crease and sometimes all over the eyelid as a transition shade. It is kind of similar to MAC soft brown. The only difference will be that soft brown is more on the pinker side and Creme Brulee on the yellow side. On the eyelid there is not much difference at all. So if you own one of these, you can skip the other.

DSCN0763 DSCN0764 DSCN0765

Frappe is a darker version of Creme Brulee. It can be used in the crease as a transition shade as well. If you use this in the crease you can create softer eye makeup looks. In my books, this shade is a must have as we all need a Frappe dont we 😉

DSCN0754 DSCN0755 DSCN0757

Cocoa Bear is a red toned brown. It is such a gorgeous colour for the crease for all skintones. It looks amazing when layered on for an intense look. You can use it lightly for a softer look as well. The shadow suits Indian/Brown skintone very much. It reminds me of my MAC shadow in Folie. I would say both are very similar only that Cocoa Bear has a better pigmentation.

DSCN0759 DSCN0758 DSCN0760 DSCN0761

Overall, I love my eyeshadows and I would love to try more of makeupgeek in the future. Marlena (owner of makeupgeek) is an amazing woman and its so inspiring how far she has come with her brand. Do give these shadows a try!



Used all three shadows in my crease in the Eyemakeup look above!

I’ve used these shadows in this look here.


1. Great pigmentation

2. Minimal fallout

3. Good quantity for the price

4. Wide selection of colours

5. Affordable


1. None

My rating – 5/5

See you all soon <3


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  1. makeup geek eyeshadows are to die for 😀 lovely eotd

  2. Wow these shades are so gorgeous 🙂

  3. Makeup Geek eyeshadows are so beautiful.I too am planning to order some eyeshadows and these 3 are everybody’s favourite.Loved the review and the EOTD is awesome…as always.

  4. Cocoa bear is in my Wishlist… loved the look..

  5. These are three are in my wishlist 😀 I am getting these one day for sure..atleast Cocoa Bear 😀

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  6. wow! i always want to try Makeup Geek eye shadows 🙂 Cocoa Bear <3 the most!

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