Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara review and Before/After!

Hi Girls

First of all Happy Friday! I love Fridays, thank God for the weekend. On to the review, I’ve been using this mascara since about 2 months now, I intially had a like/dislike relationship with it but now my mind is set up and I have to say I love it. This is one of the new launches by Maybelline across our seas. I just wish they would launch it here as soon as possible. I’m sure it will be a big hit here!


Price – $9 approx

The mascara comes in different colours I believe, the one I have is Blackest black in Washable version. I have never tried the waterproof versions of Mascaras but I’ve heard they hold the curl longer. Let me know if you think they do, I would try those next time. The bottle is a cute girly pink colour. I have absolutely no problems with the packaging of this.


The wand is pretty similar to the Maybelline Falsies mascara (which I love too btw). It just has more separated bristles than that one. It’s curved on one side. It’s a good design to curl your lashes. I personally never apply mascara on without curling my lashes, they just point so downwards, it’s honestly annoying sometimes. I sometimes use both a big lash curler and an individual lash curler. Somehow I dont understand why the lashes on my right eye look so much better than those on the left one. It’s weird. Any of you with that problem?


The colour goes on very black. I always put on two coats of it. If you use more than two, it’s surely going to clump. I hate having Spider Leg like lashes so I just stick to two coats of it. I first curl my lashes and then do the first layer with the part curved outwards, then let it try for a few minutes and then do the second coat with the part curved inwards. I used this technique with the Falsies one and it worked best this way. I believe for lashes like mine, this way is the best for using this mascara too. Just wiggle between the lashes to coat all of them. I noticed no flaking with this one at all. I must say Maybelline nailed the formula with this mascara.


The mascara nicely separates the lashes. One set it holds the curl all day long. It does not curl very well if you dont use a lash curler before. I always use it with every single mascara. To be honest, putting on mascara takes me the longest time. I can do my full face in 20 minutes out of which 10 might be for mascara 😛 Call me obsessed. I just love long and well defined lashes.

Here is how it looks on me. Please ignore the horrendously dark, dark circles.


Overall, I love this mascara and I would definitely repurchase. It has some serious competition with Maybelline Falsies. The only problem with the Falsies one is that it kind of stops working for me after 2 months or so. I dont quite understand why but the texture changes. Thankfully I dont have that problem with this one yet. I absolutely love it. I hope Maybelline launches it in India soon. **Fingers crossed**


1. Lasts all day

2. Does not Flake

3. Holds curl well

4. Easy to remove

5. Available in different colours/both washable and waterproof variants

6. Separates lashes


1. Holds curl but does not add it when used alone

2. Clumps after 2 coats

My rating: 4.5/5

See you all soon!




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