Maybelline The Falsies mascara review!

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Hope you’re having a lovely week. I am back with another mascara review, this one is also from Maybelline. This is one mascara that I have now repurchased for the third time. The first two times I got the easy wash version and this time I got the Waterproof version. If you are looking for a special occassion mascara read on to know what I feel about it 🙂


Price- 475/-

Okay let me first start with which version you should buy -Waterproof or Easy Wash. I have to say I find the Easy wash one a much easier to use and remove mascara. Waterproof can sometimes be a pain in the b*tt. You need a really heavy duty remover to take it off so make sure you have one handy if you prefer waterproof version. Also I have noticed that the waterproof one holds the curl longer than the easy wash one but it not recommended to use a waterproof one everyday.


Coming to the mascara, it’s the blackest black shade. The brush is a curved one with short tiny bristles. It’s easy to get every lash with this but I find it hard to prevent it from going on my eyelid. Somehow I always get a few spots on my eyelid and since it’s waterproof they are not quite easy to remove so that’s another plus for the easy wash version. I usually first coat my lashes with the mascara on the part curved outwards and then from the part curved inwards.

falsies3 falsies4

The problem with this mascara is that it clumps a lot at times. I just wipe the brush nicely before using else it just combines 5 eyelashes into one 😐 The point to note is that thing clumping part I have faced only in the WATERPROOF version and not in the Easy wash one. Since I repurchased this 3 times you can understand that I never faced that problem before. My lashes were always nice and curved and not clumpy with the Easy wash one.

It holds my curl really well. I always have to curl the lashes with a lash curler else they just fall flat! So it basically holds the curl but does not curl them on it’s own. I have to go in with a lash separator to separate my clumpy lashes. I am so not enjoying this version and I wish that I had bought the Easy wash one. It makes the lashes look very long but does not provide too much volume like my Lash Sensational mascara does.


The mascara lasts all day long. The only main problem is that for some reason it always leaves marks under my eyebrows, I mean where my eyelashes curl and touch the top part of the eyelid. That is so annoying. I always have to wipe it off throughout the day. At this time I prefer my Lash Sensational than this one. I wanted to repurchase this since so long as I always had a good experience with it but the waterproof one is just not that cool.


Overall, I only recommend the Easy Wash version of this mascara. If you want a Waterproof one this is not the mascara to buy.

falsies7 falsies8

My rating -3.5/5 for the Waterproof version and 4.5/5 for the Easy wash one.


1. Holds curl well

2. Easily available

3. Makes lashes look long

4. Does not fade but smudges a bit

5. Takes a few minutes to dry


1. Animal tested I think 🙁

2. Clumpy – waterproof one big time

3. Does not separate lashes or provide volume

See you all soon 🙂



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