Morphe 35O Palette Review!

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I’m finally getting down to doing this review that I planned quite a while ago on one of my favourite Neutral eyeshadow palettes which is the Morphe 35O. I got this palette last year and honestly was so blown away with the colour selection and the pigmentation of it. There is a lot of controversy regarding the brand Morphe and it’s eyeshadow palettes in general and some people love them while others hate them. I’m here to give you my two cents on it. The Morphe 35O palette is one that is raved about the most I think. A while ago this palette was always sold out and it was a big task just being able to order it. Read on to know more 🙂


Price- $22.99

Availability – here, maybe in some insta stores too but most of them sell this one quite expensive because of the demand.

So the biggest controversy surrounding Morphe is whether they are a Private labelled company or not. There is another brand called Crown Brushes that experts believe has the same formula as Morphe and is a little bit cheaper and made in the same factory. I am not sure about all that, if you want to know more then google Stephanie Nicole on Youtube and watch her video. I am completely unbiased while reviewing this palette and giving you my actual experience with it.


So the Morphe 35O is basically it’s warm toned, orange-y shades. I don’t know what it is about warm shades but they look so flattering on Indian skintones. I have done a lot of my looks using this palette and I think the video/looks speak a lot about the quality and the colour selection. You have a mixture of shimmer and matte shades that you can use to create a lot of different looks. You can see some of them here, here and here. Also on my Youtube channel, the first ever video I did had this palette. Watch it here if you want 🙂

Morphe35O2 Morphe35O3

Most of the shades in this palette have amazing pigmentation and they blend so easy on the eyes. The packaging is very standard with no mirror or brush included. The mirror would have been a bonus but I don’t take too much about the brushes since I rarely use the ones I get in the packaging. Morphe Brushes does ship directly to India but I am not sure if they get charged a huge custom duty or not. If you live in the US or know someone who does then you can get this palette for such a good price including the shipping plus there are so many influencers out there with discount codes that you can use to get some money taken off. Honestly considering how expensive most makeup palettes in India are, I think the Morphe 35O and other palettes come at such a great price.

Morphe35O4 Morphe35O5

There is a little bit of a fall out when you use some of the shimmer shades but nothing that is too annoying or anything. The blend-ability is a little lesser than the Modern Renaissance palette (review here) but at this price I dont find much to complain about. I truly agree with the hype that is surrounding the Morphe 35O since I just love it so much. For me the formula, price, pigmentation, staying power everything is on point and I dont have much to complain about at all.

Morphe35O6 Morphe35O7

If you are looking to buy a neutral eyeshadow palette that does not break the bank then do look into the Morphe 35O. I would highly recommend it to all.

Morphe35O9 cropped-sunset2.jpg


  1. Affordable
  2. Easy to use
  3. Pigmented
  4. Good colour selection
  5. Staying power


  1. A bit of fall out
  2. Availability in India

My rating – 4.8/5

See you all soon 🙂


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  1. Done.. M buying this for sure! Your EOTD’s make me fall weak on the knees …

  2. colours in the palette looks beautiful…I would love to try this…

  3. such a versatile palette.I don’t own any of Morphe. Would love to try their palettes sometime

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