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Long time no see! I missed writing here but I was so busy at work that my blogging and creating looks for Instagram had to take a back seat. I am slowly getting back on track now. Recently I did a small Morphe Haul and got it shipped to India through Shipoutfromusa. Through Shipoutfromusa, you can get free virtual addresses in the UK and US without having to pay for those addresses. All you need to do is sign up with them and you will receive your very own personal address. I think it is a brilliant service for those who don’t have any relatives or family in the US and want to order stuff from there. Read on to know about my experience 🙂


Website –

I think I am lucky because I have a lot of family in the US and whenever someone is traveling I can get them to bring me my stuff ^_^ But I think forwarding services like these are great if you want to order something from websites that do not ship Internationally too. Recently I am getting more into doing some colourful makeup looks for my Instagram page so I was looking for a palette that has a good selection of colours in it. Morphe have the perfect affordable palettes with a great colour selection.

morphehaul1 morphehaul3

When I signed up with Shipoutfromusa, I got my virtual address. After that I just went to the Morphe website and got my package shipped to my Virtual address. The process was quite hassle free, my package was packed and delivered within a week. I had to send my confirmation details to the shipoutfromusa helpdesk and also my tracking details once it was shipped. After the package got to my Virtual address, I received an email from shipoutfromusa for payment details for the package which was around 900 INR. There were no customs charges on my order.

morphehaul4 morphehaul5

As a one time thing I had to send two photo id proofs to the Shipoutfromusa team as KYC documents. After I sent my documents, I had my parcel delivered in literally 2 days. The entire process of ordering through Morphe and getting my package took about 14 days. A lot of the delay was because the package got shipped a little late from Morphe and I got delayed sending in my KYC documents. Unfortunately, one of the gray shadows came broken and my entire package was green. I think it broke during the transit from Morphe to my virtual address. Thankfully, it was only one shadow and was easy to clean. The package was nicely wrapped in a big box with some thick bubble wrap.

morphehaul14 morphehaul15

I ordered 3 brushes as well. Two on Jaclyn Hill’s recommendation and one is which Carli Bybel uses all the time. One is a big fluffy face brush which can be used to apply blush or powder both. The small brush is for applying highlight and the angled one is for contour. I absolutely love the brushes. Will review them in a separate post soon.


As a freebie for a minimum spend amount on Morphe site, I got one of their Lip cremes for free. I like that the colour they sent is a nice wearable one. I haven’t tried it yet. Will review once I do.


I have already posted two looks on my Instagram page using this palette. Check out my page and also follow me there if you aren’t already doing so 🙂

morphehaul10 morphehaul9

Overall, I had a very good and seamless experience with Shipoutfromusa. If you are looking to buy something from USA and get it shipped here then I recommend you checkout their site for getting your stuff. It is so simple and easy to follow. I am already thinking of what else I can order. Maybe some more lashes for my looks or some BH cosmetics products. I think it will be a great way to get some Colourpop stuff as well.

morphehaul11 morphehaul12 morphehaul13

Let me know if you have any questions about my experience and I will do my best to answer them <3

See you all soon!

P.S Post in collaboration with Honest review and experience as always.


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  1. Everything looks great! Looking forward to the swatches and makeup looks 🙂

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