Nykaa Nail Paints Review!

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I have been meaning to do this review since sooooo long now. Nykaa held an event here in Chandigarh to which I was invited. Got to know a lot more about the brand and their vision. It’s a great website and it’s amazing how fast they grew and how hard they’ve worked to bring products from different brands to India. We received cute goodie bags from Nykaa with these nail paints and a shower kit. I am very impressed by the quality of the nailpaints. Read on to know more 🙂


Price – 175/-

I absolutely love the colour selection they have. Recently Nykaa launched matte nail paints which I am looking forward to trying out soon. I love minty green coloured nail paints and I am glad that I got Peppermint-ini in my set. The nail paints go on nice and smooth and have a nice sheen to them. The first time I put them on, I was pleasantly surprised by the glossiness they had. I put on two coats and that gives me a very nice opaque finish.


The staying power I would say is slightly more than the average nail paints that I have tried. It starts to fade a bit from the ends by 2 to 3 days. If you do the dishes or wash your hair you may get a bit of chipping as well. I wouldnt call them really long lasting but definitely last longer than most other nail paints that I have tried. They dont take too long to dry. Usually dry completely in a few seconds. I hate nail paints that take ages to dry because I am low on patience and usually end up ruining it.

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I wanted to include nail pictures for this post but everytime I decide to put on nail paint either my nails were too short or one of them broke and I had to cut all. I will update this blogpost or share a picture of them on my Instagram. If you are not following me on insta yet, then you can go follow ‘harmansbeautyblog’ 🙂

dscn0960 dscn0962

See you all soon <3


  1. Nice glossy finish
  2. Dries fast
  3. Opaque coverage in two coats
  4. Does not chip or fade too soon
  5. Great colour selection


  1. None in this price range

My rating – 4.5/5



10 comments on “Nykaa Nail Paints Review!

  1. If you rated it that much, should be tried once!

  2. I have the nude nail paint collection from nykaa and I totally love them 😀

  3. I have a nude shade Nail Paint from Nykaa and I really like the color and finish.
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  4. Love the selection of colors, I have couple of nykaa nail paints and like them

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