Outfit of the day – Casual grey maxi

Hey girls

I wanted to get this post up for you all. Friday’s are casual days at work so I usually like wearing these easy to carry dresses that day. The sun was so bright in the afternoon and literally in my face so please excuse the half in the shadow pictures, I just couldnt bear to stand in the sunlight. Ughhhh!

I pulled back all of my hair, did two braids on both sides and tied them around my head like a braided hairbrand. I love doing my hair this way, easy to wear look.

The outfit details will be listed below 🙂 Let me know what you think!






Hi There! 🙂

OUTFIT Details:

Maxi – Ordered through Aliexpress.com

Neckpiece – Splash

Heels – Madame

Belt – Isabelle

Watch – Guess

Let me know what you think!




5 comments on “Outfit of the day – Casual grey maxi

  1. You are looking superb… btw the camera is from which model…

  2. Hi Harman… Pretty dress…

  3. loved the dress…..you have a very cute smile dear….


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