Outfit of the Day: Goa Day 3!

Hey girls

Okay so I am back with the last outfit post from my Goa vacation. We left the day next to this one so I just wore some leggings and a tshirt for the journey home hence this would be the last post from Goa vacation. Time literally flies by when you are having a lot of fun. I cant wait for future vacations already haha. I have so much makeup that I need to start playing with but I am not getting much time lately. I am thinking of doing the Kala Chashma look tonight. Hopefully it still interests you guys since its been ages since the song came out haha.

Back to this post. We were planning on heading to the beach this day so I wore my shorts. I have had these shorts for about 3 years now and I love them. I think they are the only Denim shorts that I have in my collection. I love that they’re neither too long nor too short and fit perfectly. I paired it with a crop top, after all Goa is meant for crop tops, shorts, swimsuits and all. I did not want to wash my hair hence the donut bun which is my favourite hairstyle on days I am lazy to wash my hair plus its so good in humid months. But dont go for a movie if you have a donut bun hairdo because it will be so hard to sit comfortably haha but apart from that its great.

I accessorized my bun with some flowers that I got from Asda UK. I thought they went really well with the whole outfit. I love my neckpieces so I had to wear one over the top. The neckpiece and jewelry are from Asda as well. The crop top is from H&M. I’m so happy we have an H&M in Punjab now. YAY!

Enjoy the pictures and let me know if you have any look requests for me 🙂


dsc_0220 dsc_0222 dsc_0228 dsc_0257 dsc_0237


H xx

7 comments on “Outfit of the Day: Goa Day 3!

  1. omg..This look is so stunning..and so different from the other looks you have posted.. Love your shorts..I want such a pair too.you rightly said..they are just the most perfect length 🙂

  2. u look ravishing harman…..

  3. You look gorgeous. Love that bun with flowers..so pretty 🙂

  4. Stunning…loved the look..finding the right length shorts is very tough…I have one such pair too 🙂

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