Physicians Formula Matchmaker Lip gloss in Pink review!

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Today’s post is on one of those interesting lip products that change colour as per the weather and other environmental conditions. I remember when I was very young, we used to get these clear lip balm type things that changed colour to a muted hot pink when you put them on. I first discovered those in my sister’s stash and found the idea quite cool although they were one of the Chinese brands so I wasnt sure of the ingredients. Today I will review one such similar lip gloss that is light pink when you first put it on and then turns to a lovely hot pink shade. The best thing about this is that it is completely HypoAllergenic, Paraben free and Dermatologist tested. Thumbs up from me 🙂


Price – $9.95

You must have seen the Gerard Cosmetics gaining a lot of popularity in the blogosphere. Their lip glosses have a built in light that turns on when you put them on. These Physicians Formula lip glosses have the same light concept, only that these have a button on the top that you need to press in order to turn the light on. Also there is a mirror on the side which is perfect for on the go touch ups. Absolutely love the concept and the packaging.


The lip gloss is light pink in colour when it is in the bottle and it has very minute shimmer particles that are not very visible on the lips and give a nice healthy shine to them. The texture of the lip gloss is very very thick, it feels a bit sticky on the lips but that is the reason why it lasts for so long. The texture is similar to the Mac lip glosses. They do not really go on evenly and you have to go back in with the brush and smooth out the appearance of it. The wand is very tiny and is a brush but it’s not hard to put this on with it.

DSC_0760 DSC_0761

As soon as you put it on, the colour starts looking like more of a natural pink and within a few seconds it turns to a nice muted hot pink colour that gives a very healthy look to the lips. The colour does not wear off that easily and leaves behind a very light stain that lasts for quite sometime.

DSC_0762 (2) DSC_0764 DSC_0767 (2)

Overall, I would recommend this lip gloss to those of you wanting to try something different. It comes in three shades – Pink, Light pink and natural. You can always go for the Natural shade if Hot pink is not your thing. If you dont mind the sticky texture, these are for you.

DSC_0768 (2) FotorCreated1111


1. Lovely packaging

2. Transforms into a beautiful colour that would suit Indian skin

3. Minute, non gritty Shimmer

4. Affordable

5. Paraben free


1. Availability in India is only through

My rating – 4/5

See you all soon 🙂


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  1. I don’t understand this concept of moodmatching products. I tried moodmatcher moodpearl lipstick it looks the same on whole day.

  2. this looks very pretty on u harman!

  3. Lovely lip swatch babe! I am so keen to know from where you get all these products! I envy you ! 😛

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