Pink saree outfit!

Hiya girls,

I was so blank as to what to post on my blog today. I tell you blank as a sheet, then I suddenly remembered that I did not share with you pictures from a Reception my sister and I attended last month I think. There are nt many pictures but I think you would get a good idea of the outfit.
The saree is not mine, rather its borrowed from my sister. It was a part of the clothes she got for her wedding. I loved the subtle pink color and the gold accents. Let me know what you think of it 🙂

Me and my ‘elder’ sis ( just incase you thought shes younger to me)
This is what becomes of a nicely tied saree when you have to play with the street dogs! Looks funny does nt it?
Just a question from you guys. How old do I look to you?

6 comments on “Pink saree outfit!

  1. you look amazing and the last pic is funny 😀

  2. looking too gud,,,n last pic is hilarious

  3. look like a moti aunty…

  4. @Sunshine Beauty, Preethi Prasad, Smita and Jeeshan- Thank you so much 🙂

    Maurish- Not I looked sukdi 😛

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