Pre-Wedding Beauty Rituals for that Bridal Glow!

Guest Post by Akanksha Agarwal


Girls generally take skincare and hair care very seriously. But when it comes to brides-to-be, bridal beauty planning takes on a whole new level. If you too are getting married this year and feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that you have to do fret not. First, book your bridal makeup artist for your wedding. And then, get prepared with our checklist to ensure you look and feel fabulous at your nuptials.


  • It might sound clichéd but this is the first step to any good beauty routine. Drink plenty of water!
  • Avoid junk / fried food and include healthy items in your diet. You could also start having green tea.
  • CTMS routine – Start a cleansing, toning, moisturizing and sunscreen (like Dermalogica SPF 50) routine and stick to it. At night, replace sunscreen with a good eye cream / night cream. Beauty oils also do wonders for the skin.
  • Go to a salon you trust for facials or Clean ups according to your skin type. Do this in intervals of 30-45 days. If you don’t have time to visit a salon, try multi-masking at home. It means using different masks on different areas of your face simultaneously. For example, if your T-zone is oily and the rest of your face isn’t – apply a volcanic mask on the T-zone, a soothing one under the eyes and a hydrating one everywhere else.
  • While you pamper your facial skin, don’t forget the rest of your body. 2 months prior to the big day, invest in a body scrub or body polishing treatment.
  • Schedule your waxing + eyebrow threading appointments a couple of days prior to the wedding.



  • Get your locks trimmed every few months to avoid split ends.
  • Once a week, massage your hair with oil. Argan oil and Coconut oil are known to be beneficial. If you prefer using organic, chemical free products – you can go for Pahadi Local’s cold pressed hair oils in Apricot or Walnut.
  • Limit your use of heat styling tools. If you do use them, apply a heat protection spray/mist. BBlunt and Toni&Guy have some good ones.
  • Schedule salon treatments like conditioning, hair spas or even keratin treatments if you think your hair needs it. Check out the Moroccan Oil hair spa treatment or invest in a hair mask.



  • Nail health also depends on what you eat. More reasons to start eating nutritious food.
  • Your hands (thus your nails) are going to be photographed a lot! Make sure you start using a hydrating hand cream and cuticle oil 2-3 months before the wedding. Schedule a manicure + pedicure a couple of days before the big day. You can opt for a gel manicure that lasts longer.
  • Have the salon professional apply a base coat first (to prevent staining of nails) and a top coat at the end (for a shiny finish and less chipping).
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