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Oh I am back after so long and it feels so good to be writing here again. I have been so busy with work that blogging just had to take a back seat. Today I am reviewing the all natural brand called Shesha Beauty. I got to try two of their soaps and Devi Thali Shampoo. Read on to know what I think about them 🙂



Price – 70/- for the soaps and 125/- for the shampoo

Availability –

Ashtapathy Mud Soap and Devi Thali Soap Review:


Let’s first start off with the soaps. Both soaps have all natural herbal ingredients free from any harmful chemicals. I have realized that as I grow older, I want to reduce using any products with too many chemicals in them. I am usually more into using all natural skincare. The soaps have a good quantity and a very nice herbal smell. I dont use any soaps on my face but I used these on my body everyday.


The Mud soap has Multani Mitti as its main ingredient. Multani Mitti is known to be a very effective natural cleanser and clears up acne and other skin issues. Here’s a little information from the makers of the soaps itself:

Mud Soap:

‘For centuries, ‘Multani Mitti’ or ‘Fullers Earth’, has been trusted for skin care.’Multani Mitti’ is a natural cleansing
agent absorbs and removes toxins from the body.This Mud Soap tackles excess oil, acne, blocked pores and hyper
pigmentation.Resulting in brighter and more glowing skin.
● Absorbs and Removes Toxins
● Fights acne’

IMG_20170827_190012 IMG_20170827_190018

Devi Thali Soap:

‘This is a refreshing herbal soap with the nourishing goodness of betel leaves.Other than effectively removing
impurities from hair, it maintains and balances hair moisture.Also a natural cleanser that removes dandruff and
treats split ends and makes hair shiny and healthy.The Leaf soap looks after skin too. Moisturizing, whilst keeping
skin smooth and clear.’

Key Ingredients in the Mud soap:


Key Ingredients in the Devi Thali soap:


You can use both soaps on your hair as well but I personally have not tried that as my hair is already quite a bit of a mess and I need lots and lots of conditioner to calm it down. On my body, both soaps made it so smooth and gave it a clean feeling. They lathered up well unlike some other soaps which have no lather at all. I sometimes use it for shaving my legs as well 😛 The ingredients make it quite effective, the price is on the higher side but I think that is the price that you pay for quality.

I would definitely recommend the soaps from Ashtapathy to you.

Ashtapathy Devi Thali Shampoo Review:

The Devi Thali shampoo again an all natural shampoo for you hair. When you first switch from using shampoos with dimethicone and sulfates, it is hard to adjust to shampoos with natural ingredients. Before I move on to the review, here is what the brand says about these Shampoos:

Prepared with the pure and potent coconut oil as the base and several medicinal herbs through a 100% natural process handed down by tradition. In the shampoo ingredients, There is ‘Natural Base’ listed in the ingredients – Base for Ashtapathy
products are coco-glucoside, natural base. Coco Glucoside may leave you wondering a bit. However, there is no need for concern. Coco Glucoside is a common ingredient in all-natural shampoos. It is used in place of the toxic surfactants in traditional shampoos, which is to say that it can provide the desired foaming lather that we seek in hair washing mixtures, without causing the negative side
effects of scalp irritation. Additionally, it has a unique set of properties that encourage oil and water to mix. While these two do not generally play nicely, Coco Glucoside will encourage the oil residue on your hair and skin to combine with the water and soap, so it can be rinsed away, leaving you with a brilliant clean. This ingredient is naturally occurring, and can be derived from coconut oil (another common ingredient in all-natural cosmetics). It shares many of the favourable properties of raw coconut oil, including non-oily moisture. Therefore, it does not dry the scalp like many of the commercial shampoos can. That means that the skin is soothed, while the hair receives the desired cleaning. Furthermore, Coco Glucoside is a very gentle ingredient, which makes it a favoured
component of organic baby shampoos. It doesn’t irritate the eyes like many surfactants would, so even babies are not as disturbed by bathing.’


The shampoo comes in a clear base, at the first go it does not lather too much. I always shampoo twice as my hair is quite oily. It has a very herbal smell. Unlike most other herbal shampoos this did not make my hair drier or frizzier than usual. I still did use quite a lot of conditioner as without it my hair would just go all over the place and be a big fat mess. The shampoo cleaned my hair very effectively although I wish it gave it more of a smoother look. I think for people with silky, long hair this is the perfect shampoo to use to maintain its health.


Also I did notice lesser hair fall than usual when using this but that may also be because of my hair medicines and stuff that I am taking. I used this shampoo for a few weeks after which unfortunately I had to discontinue use as I got my hair coloured and Keratin treated and my stylist recommended a different set of shampoo and conditioner to maintain it. Once the Keratin effects wear out, I will be going back to this shampoo itself. I think it is very cost effective for the price it comes at, you can also buy it in sets on their website. Shesha beauty would also customize your orders as per what you need.


Overall, I am very impressed with the brand in general and I am looking forward to making another purchase as well.


  1. Affordable
  2. Chemical free
  3. Good quality ingredients
  4. Honest brand
  5. Fast and effective shipping


  1. None for me really

My rating – 5/5

See you all soon with another review 🙂


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