Affordable must have makeup brushes!

Hey guys,

I washed most of my brushes today as I had to pack them along to the new city I am moving to. While packing them I thought that I would do a post on the affordable must have brushes. So this post is going to be more picture heavy. Most of the brushes are from E.L.F which is available in India but at a higher cost. So I would strongly recommend that you definitely get these brushes from Usa if you’re going there or if someone you know is. Although all the E.L.F brushes are not that soft but many of them are. So here goes the post, if you guys have any queries feel free to ask 🙂
Also for the next few days my blog may be a little ignored till the time I dont get a fast internet connection, but I hope all of you stick with me! 🙂



The two powder brushes from E.L.F. Both are incredibly soft and apply powder very well. The black flat top brush can be also used to buff in the foundation


The left is a chinese brush I got from a random store but it is really very soft and good for powder and blush.
The right one is the ecotools foundation brush that I bought from It really applies foundation well and is super soft.


All the eye brushes clubbed together


The vega eye shadow brush, alittle stiff but picks up the colour well. Not scratchy at all,  is very soft.
The faces eye shadow brush is the best fluffy medium size affordable brush available in the market.


Both the flat brushes are really stiff and can be used to apply eyeliner and fill in the brows.


The super soft contour brush, I use it to apply colour in one go, set concealer with powder and blending out as well as apply colour in the crease.


A closer look.


This one reminds me of some Mac thin brush.
I hope all of you liked this post. Please share your affordable brushes with me too 🙂


21 comments on “Affordable must have makeup brushes!

  1. I have elf brushes too and I think they are really really good!

  2. do we get essence brushes here in india ? i really liked that brush of urs mainly for its pretty colour 😛
    and where r u shifting harman ? 🙂

  3. yups elf brushes r best budget brushes

  4. I use Vega's professional brushes mainly. They're pretty good. My blending brush is from ELF and I absolutely love it. I also got a brush set from MAC as a gift. Those are fabulous!!

  5. Nice collection Gogs, i will try ELF this time.:)

  6. @Seraphicgirl- Me too.. I forgot one more brush from ELf, will update this post with that soon 🙂

  7. @Poorva- No sadly essence is not available in India 🙁 I got this from Switzerland. I m shifting to Chandigarh 🙂

  8. @Riddhi Jholapara- Yes me too agrees 🙂

  9. @All things pretty- I love my ELF blending brush too. I forgot to click its pictures 😛

  10. @Niesha- Do so, you ll love them. But do keep in mind not all are good 🙂

  11. i have the elf powder brush and stippling brush and i love them a lot…nice post..:))

  12. Great and affordable collection 😀 Nice post!

  13. Great stuff! Thanks for this. I've only just started getting into makeup & I realised that I definitely need some makeup brushes so I placed ordered a set from Ecotools (bamboo one). It's yet to reach me but I'm excited!
    PS- I've teamed up with home decor store Zansaar for a fabulous giveaway on my blog, do enter! Won't take more than 10 minutes. Last date for entries is 10th

  14. Great Post! I would love to see some eye make up looks too <3


  15. @Renji Anooj- Thank you so much 🙂

  16. @Lancy- Thank you 🙂

  17. @Magali vaz- I am sure you ll love your eco tools brush set. 🙂 If I had nt collected so many brushes I would have bought that for sure

  18. @Megha Sarin- Thank you 🙂 I would do some soon 🙂

  19. Nice post!! I just want to know which brand are the angled brushes from? And, where to buy ELF brushes, I know that they don't ship to India..

  20. Hi Sayantini, One of the brushes is from Elf and the other is from Essence. You ll have to find some ebay seller for the same since they re not available in India 🙁

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