AuraVedic Anti Tan Brightener and Pulpy Face Wash Saffron Almond Review!

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I’m here with another skincare review. You know how much I love using all organic and natural skincare. Ever since I switched to Organic stuff, I almost never use anything with chemicals. Who knows which chemical might be aggravating my Eczema. For a change, my skin has had lesser rashes than before and I am very happy about that. Today I will be reviewing very affordable skincare from the brand called Auravedic. The first I heard of Auravedic is when I got an all natural Aloe Vera gel which I quickly finished. It did sting a teeny tiny bit but it was quite effective. Read on to know what I think of this scrub and face wash.


Price- 150/- for the Face Wash and 150/- for the Skin Polish

Availability- Amazon here for the face wash. For some reason cannot see the scrub online

Let’s start off with the face wash. Although the name says pulpy I did not really see any pulp in it. The texture is a thick light yellow coloured liquid which smells very nice. It does not lather too much if you take a small amount and especially if you have makeup on and are trying to wash it off. You may need a little extra quantity to wash off all of the makeup.



It cleans quite effectively and does not dry out my skin. I have already used and finished off my first tube of it. Although I dont see any glow etc as claimed (I honestly dont think any face washes bring out any glow) I still think this is a nice product. It did not aggravate my eczema since it was not too drying on my skin. I think all skin types would like using this and for this price you cannot really complain too much. I would recommend you to try it out if you are looking for an affordable, paraben and chemical free face wash.

DSCN0888 DSCN0889 DSCN0891

Coming to the Anti Tan Skin polish. Touchwood I have not had too much of tanning this summer because I rarely go out in the sun lately. I believe most of my tanning occurs in the winters because I tend to lay in the sun a lot 😛 plus when I go back from work, the sun is coming in from my front window and it tans my chin area so much.

DSCN0882 DSCN0883

This skin polish is finely milled and exfoliates the skin so gently. I use it along with another scrub which is similar in texture about twice a week. The exfoliating particles are so tiny and do the job well. I am actually pretty impressed with this one. It feels creamy and does not leave your skin crying for moisture after using it. My skin feels soft and supple after using this but I dont really think it does much for the tanning. My skin pigmentation is still there although a bit lighter since I have been using these two products in combination with their Skin lightening oil. I will review that one as soon as I have a proper opinion formed about it.


Overall, I think these are great products for the price they come at. I did not expect much because the last skin polish and face cream I got did not work much with my skin but these are quite nice.


  1. Affordable
  2. Easily Available
  3. Paraben Free
  4. Do not dry out the skin
  5. Did not annoy my sensitive skin
  6. Organic and natural


  1. Not much change in the skin pigmentation

My rating -4.5/5

See you all soon <3

P.S Products sent by brand however the review is honest and unbiased.

8 comments on “AuraVedic Anti Tan Brightener and Pulpy Face Wash Saffron Almond Review!

  1. Nice review… Harman! Thankfully even I didnt get much tan this summer. Otherwiae I would have been hunting for anti tan products. I tried few other products from this brand which were nice

  2. nice review…the other day I read a facial oil review from this brand..quite promising pdts…glad to see indian brands coming up with such organic stuffs….

  3. Both the products sound decent to try. Thanks for sharing your honest review.

  4. Hi I have very dull Sensitive combination and very tanned skin . can it work on me if yes please send it to me .tnx

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