BBlunt Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave in Cream review!

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Today I am going to bring you a hair care review! You might have noticed, I have frizzy and curly hair. My hair have a mind of their own and sometimes prefer to go in all kinds of directions. The bottom layers get some nice waves while the top ones are so frizzy and annoying. Sometimes I just curl a few strands in the top layer to keep them in place and make my hair look more presentable. For me, its a lot easier to do curls than straighten my hair. This is the second product I tried from BBlunt India. You can read the review of my Curl definition cream here. Read on to know what I think of this product from BBlunt 🙂


Price – 450/-

Availability – Online and in stores

The packaging of this is the same that the curl definition one. The only thing that is different is the colour. Luckily the pump of this works nicely and makes the usage a lot easier. I got a faulty pump for my curl definition one so I was a bit worried it would be the same for this. The cream itself is white in colour and spreads easily through the hair. I use it on wet to damp hair and spread it nicely skipping the scalp.


I am so impressed with this product. I may not have tried it had they not sent it to me for review because anything anti frizz never helps with my hair but boy I was so wrong. Ever since I started using it, my top layers are a lot more controlled. Used alone it does not help my curls at all but surely does not let my hair go frizzy. I use it in combination with the curl definition cream overnight and wake up with nice waves in my hair that have minimum frizz. Washing hair with warm to hot water in winters definitely ruins the strands but this keeps them in check. However, do no expect the hair to stay straight or be curled on using this on its own because it is primarily focussed at frizz control.


In my latest Boho look post (Click here to see it) I have not styled my hair at all. I just used this cream and let it dry naturally. My hair is a bit damp there but you can see it is not at all frizzy.


Overall, I would highly recommend this to you guys. I was taken by surprise and I think you may like it a lot too 🙂


1. Controls frizz

2. Affordable

3. Formulated as per Indian hair

4. Easily available


1. None for me

My rating – 4/5

See you all soon 🙂

14 comments on “BBlunt Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave in Cream review!

  1. I have straight hair.. but I would still love to try this anti frizz leave in cream.. many had good experience with this one. Thanx for the review. Harman! I would have never picked this up. if u wudnt have mentioned good points abt it. 🙂

  2. Lovely review.
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  3. My top hair is frizzy, i’ll give this a try. Nice review 🙂

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  4. Thanks for the detailed review. Willing to try it soon

  5. I’m using it these days and loving it a lot 🙂 best part is it dies not weigh hair down 🙂

  6. wow really nice post!!
    i would also love to try this out now!

  7. i don’t have very frizzy hair but recently got the Roots Morocvita oil in my fab bag that i am really loving these days… heard a lot of nice things about this one.. i’ll finish my current ones and then check this out 🙂

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