Colorbar velvet matte lipstick in Pretty please review and FOTD

Hello everyone,
Hope you’re all having an amazing weekend. This is yet another lipstick post. I have finally let go of my obsession with Mac lipsticks and have started looking into other brands too. This is yet another lipstick buy which was bought just because I wanted to buy one. I have no idea why I really wanted another lipstick but I did. So I went to my local store and he showed me a few lipsticks. I could not try them on my lips but just swatched them. I liked this coral colour so I bought it and it was not even that expensive. Hence here goes the review.

Price:- 225/- got it for 210/- or something

This lipstick is a matte one. I like matte colours lately because whenever it gets windy my hair does not stick to my lips which I absolutely hate. The first time I tried this colour on I was pretty confused about it but then as I started wearing it, I really liked it. This shade is the perfect CORAL. It has the perfect amount of pink, orange and brown in it. It is a really bright colour which looks so nice even if you have no other make up on your face.

The other day I compared it with Lotus herbals lip color in the shade Carnation, and believe me or not they are the same colour. They look exactly same. Hence I ended up buying Lotus herbals lip color in Peach creme.

The texture inspite of being matte does not dry your lips out. It stays on for about 4 to 5 hours and then lives a little bit of tint behind. The colour comes off easily. The packaging is also very cute. I was always so unsure of buying these brands but now I believe they are very affordable and make amazing stuff many times.




So if you guys want a coral shade this summer which would suit everyone of you, then this is not one colour to be missed out on. Its not too bright, not too dark, just the perfect kind of colour and has an amazing texture too.

1. Beautiful coral colour
2. Lasts pretty long
3. Does not feel heavy on the lips
4. Affordable

1. Maybe a bit drying for people who have dry lips

My rating:- 4.5/5

Here is a picture of me wearing it. The colour looked a beautiful coral and even after having a full meal there was colour on my lips 🙂

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