Current Haircare routine for Colored curly hair!

Hi girls, 

Finally here I am presenting to you my haircare routine. These are all the products I have been using regularly everytime I wash my hair to make sure it looks healthy. I got my hair colored about a month ago, although it did not affect the texture too much but for the week after the color it had become so frizzy and looked so bad. Thats when I got serious about my haircare. Lets start in order 🙂
I usually wash my hair three to four times a week and heres what all I do 🙂
Step 1:- I use my Herbal essences Color me Happy shampoo and conditioner. Although it has SLS, there are no silicones and it suited my hair well. I double shampoo my hair and then put on the conditioner for 3 to 4 minutes
Since I have curly hair I dont ever brush dry hair apart from my bangs. So when I have the conditioner on I use a Wide tooth comb to take out all the tangles in my hair.
Step 2:- Every other wash I use my Pantene Pro V hair mask and keep it on for around 4 minutes.
Step 3:- I towel dry my hair and put on my Dove oil therapy serum ( Link ). I love this serum and this time could nt find it in the market hence got a Loreal Oil therapy one. Lets see how that works out for me.
Step 4:- I spray on my heat protectant on any hair strands I m blow drying or curling. I never use heat on my hair without using this one.
Step 5:- This is the last and the main step that gives me those bouncy curls. This is The Body shop Curl boosting serum and I love love love it. You just need lesser than a coin sized amount and spread evenly through hair curling with your finger. Detailed review would be coming up soon. After you do this, just flip your hair once and your good to go 🙂
This was my simple routine, I dont say I have great hair but I do love its texture, next I need something for my hair fall I guess 😛
I hope this helped some of you curly hair ones 🙂
Have a great week girls 🙂

2 comments on “Current Haircare routine for Colored curly hair!

  1. I love herbal essence as well! It is the only shampoo that makes my hair nice and smooth without frizz.

    Priya xoxo

  2. I love it too Priya 🙂

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