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Today’s post is about Dermarollers and their health and skincare benefits. Recently I saw a video of Farah Dhukai on Instagram and she was using a dermaroller on her lips to boost the production of collagen and give them a plumped look. Since then I have been looking into the different types of Dermarollers and their advantages and disadvantages. I once went to my Dermatologist to ask if there is something that can be done for my back stretch marks and he suggested that I go for Micro Needling/Dermaroller treatment. It was quite expensive and did sound a bit painful so I didn’t go for that package. But Farah’s video has left me so intrigued and thinking to myself if a Dermaroller can actually help with my Eczema and stretch marks. Sharing a little information on Dermarollers with you all today.

If you are struggling with cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles, or scars, you’re in good company. We all have some or all of those issues eventually. The question is do you have to live with it? And the answer is no. There are many ways to fight back against those conditions. One such way is with Dermaroller treatment.


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How Skin Problems Can Develop Over Time

Before you can get into the process of learning about Dermaroller treatment, you need to first learn about your skin and how it handles the aging process. A poor diet can lead to becoming overweight. That can lead to cellulite dimpling and stretch marks. However, so can pregnancy. By the same token, losing a lot of weight rapidly can also be bad because you might find yourself left with a lot of wrinkles and sagging skin.

Of course, it’s not just weight gain or loss that can facilitate the need for treatment with medical devices like lasers or Dermarollers, which are devices studded with small needles. Other things that can impact skin health include the natural decline of collagen, elastin, and certain hormones that occurs in all of our bodies with age, as well as outside influences like the skin’s exposure to sunlight, weather, and harsh chemicals throughout our lives.

How a Dermaroller Can Reverse Some of That Damage

Regardless of how that skin damage has been caused, Dermaroller treatments can reverse a lot of it. As mentioned above, a Dermaroller is covered in tiny needles. It’s a hand-held apparatus that is usually operated in a clinic by a trained technician. Although, there are at-home Dermaroller kits that are available to purchase as well.

The purpose of the Dermaroller is to puncture the skin, leaving tiny holes in it as the device is rolled over the section of skin that needs to be treated. Those tiny holes are viewed by the body as an attack. The body’s response should be to send in reinforcements. In other words, it will start to make more of its own natural collagen, proteins, and hormones.

The Dermaroller Repair Process Takes a While

The Dermaroller process a bit like sending in a construction crew to repair minor damage to your home. In the process of repairing that minor damage, the holes drilled into the walls of the home can reveal deeper issues. Those holes also create conduits for new wiring, caulk, and insulation to be installed. Dermaroller works the same way, except for your skin.

When your body senses the damage caused by the Dermaroller device, it will automatically try to repair that damage. In the process, it will also repair some of the existing older damage, such as minor wrinkles and scars. It helps to evenly redistribute collagen, reducing the appearance of scars and other blemishes. At the same time, the tiny holes made by the device can create conduits you can use to get medicated cream down deep into your lower layers of skin, where it is often needed the most.

How Long Dermaroller Takes to Show Results

While you should see some results from your first Dermaroller treatment after a week or two, you might not see the degree of improvement you want after only one treatment. It may be necessary to schedule one or more future appointments. Even after your skin health has improved significantly you might notice that it begins to decline again months or years later. Then you might decide to go back to your skincare clinic for further treatment. So, you should expect gradual improvement from Dermaroller sessions, but not instant or permanent improvements.

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  1. i wanna go and try derma roller as i have many pits on my face..

  2. Very informative post Harman..This is the new thing in beautysphere i guess.. Everyone is raving about it..

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