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Hey Girls

I’m back with an ethnic outfit post after pretty long. I absolutely adore the Indian ethnic outfits and any chance I get to wear them, I make sure I make the most of it. I went to my cousin’s wedding yesterday and since we are in the summer season I wanted to wear something light and airy. I got this sari with Fulkari (Traditional Punjabi work) a while ago and I loved how traditional yet modern it is at the same time. The colour is something that I dont have in any of my ethnic clothes. I found it very unique and pretty. I wont talk much and let the pictures do all the talking.

I chose to keep my makeup a little bit dramatic. I did bronze eye makeup with lips that matched the pink on my sari. I will post more pictures of my eye makeup in a separate post.

My accessories included a metallic tattoo,  my guess watch, two big bangles and earrings. I got the earrings from a shop here in Chandigarh and got some pipal pattis attached to them to give them a more ethnic look.

For hair, I chose to curl them because curling my hair takes me literally 10 minutes and we were kind of short on time. Since my hair is naturally wavy, the curling process is pretty easy. I used my Philips wand which I absolutely love (Review here)


green2 green3

Yes those are stretch marks. I have had them for ages and I am not one bit ashamed of them 🙂





Let me know what you guys think. Your comments make my day!


Harman <3

14 comments on “Ethnic Outfit of the Day!

  1. Whistles….. Looking very ethnic….

  2. The Saree is as graceful as you 🙂

  3. love love love this!!! you look pretty as always!

    I love the hairdo and the jewelry…everything is so nice

  4. you look beautiful as always dear and those earrings..just wow
    love the whole look

  5. with that lovely face I wonder if anybody will ever notice the stretch marks…You look gorgeous hun :*

    Keep posting more outfits

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  6. Loved the saree and whole look..i noticed flash tattoos as well 🙂 looking very pretty Harman :*

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