Gerard Cosmetics Setting Spray Review!

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I’m back with another long pending review. I’m finally getting done with all of the reviews of the products that I have purchased long ago and been using them since. Today I’ll review this setting spray from Gerard Cosmetics which is a brand very popular on Youtube and Instagram. I have already reviewed their lipglosses here. I got this setting spray from their site when they had a 50% off on full price items back in June. The Gerard Cosmetics Setting Spray originally retails for $22 but I got it for $11 on the sale, very good price I would say. Read on to know if I liked it or not.

Gerard Setting spray

Availability –

Price- $22 but has a sale quite often

There are lots of different variants in the Gerard Setting spray family, for some reason I chose to go with Lavender. It is light purple in shade and have a strong lavender fragrance. I am not a very big fan of the fragrance but it goes away soon so I dont mind it that much. I think I should have gone with the Aloe Vera version. I have no problems with the pump or the packaging. The pump sprays it evenly and I havent had any problems with the product leaking so far.

Gerard Setting spray

When you first spray the Gerard Setting spray on your face, it goes a bit wet and oily for a few seconds after which it starts to dry down and look more matte. It does not give you that matte but flat finish. It looks nice and glowy actually. Since I have eczema, sometimes when I spray it on, it stings my dry eczema patches a bit but that feeling subsides soon. The most problematic area on my face is my chin. All of my makeup separates so fast there and looks very patchy and weird. I have no idea why my chin acts this way but I always need a good primer and matte foundation to last through until the end of the day.

Gerard Setting spray

When I spray this on, it makes my chin makeup last a lot longer. Although sometimes when you look closely it seems to have a few tiny dots/patches wherever my makeup separates but this happens almost at the end of the day and does not look too prominent unless you look closely. The makeup on the rest of my face stays on so well and does not separate. My foundation always gets into my smile lines and even the Gerard setting spray cannot fix that. I think I will try baking around the mouth area next time and see how that goes.

Gerard Setting spray

Overall, I really like the Gerard Cosmetics setting spray.  I have not had many others so I cannot exactly compare it with the other cult favourites like the Urban Decay All nighter etc. The only other setting spray I have tried was my MUA and that was absolutely horrible. If you sprayed that on and did not have waterproof eyeliner or mascara, consider it completely smudged. Compared to that the Gerard one performed a lot better and I think for the price that I got this, it’s not a bad deal at all.


  1. Affordable
  2. Shipping to India is quick and you can get free shipping over $50
  3. Makes makeup last longer
  4. Does not make washable makeup smudge
  5. Good packaging
  6. Cruelty free


  1. May sting if you have sensitive skin

My rating – 4/5

See you all soon <3


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