Half Moon Cut Crease Makeup Look and Tutorial!

Hey Guys

I uploaded a new makeup tutorial on my Youtube Channel today. I took so long to edit this video. I just got so tired in the evenings that all I wanted to do was be a couch potato. Once I actually start editing I love the process and it doesn’t take me too long contrary to how long it takes me to actually pickup the computer and turn on the program haha. I have 3 more unedited videos that I will upload soon. Do you have any special requests for me? Any videos or reviews that you want me to do?

Lately I have been so addicted to using glitter in all my looks and also doing cut creases. The eye makeup game honestly is going to a whole new level. People are literally doing such complicated looks like negative liner, double cut creases, animations on the eyelid that it amazes and inspires me big time. I really hope that some of my looks can inspire you guys as well. I post a lot more regularly on my Instagram page so make sure to follow me there. The thumbnail is on the right side of my page.

I will see you all soon with a new review or makeup look.

Till then take care and please subscribe to my youtube channel if you like me videos <3


HalfMoon2 HalfMoon4 HalfMoon1 HalfMoon5 Halfmoon6

Love you girls <3


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