Heatless curls using Jumbo Curlers!

Hey girls

So I shared a picture on Instagram and Facebook a few days ago with my hair all wavy using all heatless methods. Today I am sharing that method with you all. I’m not sure if you have heard of this brand. I first heard of it a few years ago when I saw LilithMoon’s youtube videos (She is soo talented, go follow her for nice hairstyles for all lengths). She does so many hairstyles on curled hair which has been curled using these Jumbo curlers. These curlers run a bit expensive, no doubt about it. So at first I tried other different foam rollers/curlers that you see online but most of them have that plastic bit to keep the curler in place which is soo uncomfortable and it always got tangled with my frizzy hair and pulled some of them out.

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So a few months ago, I finally bit the bullet and placed my order of two sets of Jumbo curlers on their website. I got 12 curlers in 2 sets which are sufficient to curl my hair completely from top to bottom because I have light and thin hair. I think 2 sets would be perfect for most people looking for some everyday waves/curls. The all inclusive cost including the shipping came out to be around 1500 and I did not have to pay any customs yay!

The thing that sets these foam rollers apart from all others is that these are sooo soft and the wire inside is nice and bendy. It does not hurt your scalp at all unlike some other rollers. They bend easily and just stay in place.


You have to use them when your hair is quite wet. I know some people say to use them when you hair is 80% dry or something like that, but I tried it that way once and my curls just did not hold at all. So I mostly use them when my hair is say towel dried and I leave them on overnight and open them in the morning. Easy breezy.

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I dont use them the way they depict on the website and in youtube videos all the time because I am a bit of a light sleeper and even though these are really really soft, they’re still something on your head and that I do not find 100% comfortable. So what I do is pull up all of my hair in a pony tail at the top of my head and then put in these rollers. That way they are not in the way of my head and the pillow and it becomes easier to sleep 😉


If you want very very tight curls then you should roll your hair tightly around the roller and if you want waves then just wrap it around loosely. I prefer loose waves because they are easier to style and closer to my natural hair texture. If you wrap them tightly, you wake up with really tight spirals that you need to open/style with your fingers.


The tight curls last on my hair for a day and on the second and the third day they become loose waves. There is absolutely no frizz in my hair which is just great. If you have really really straight hair which has issues keeping curls with a curling iron too may have issues keeping these curls as well. You might need a lot of hairspray to keep them in place. My friend tried these out and while she got nice spirals in the beginning, they opened and went flat pretty soon.


Overall, I love my rollers and I think all of you struggling with frizzy, weird texture hair like me should give them a go. Order directly from their site as I dont think there are any other sites selling these same ones.

Hope you liked this post. See you all soon <3

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  1. Très belle <3
    Loved the post..

  2. Wow. . great post… Really helpfull…Loved it.. u hav done a good job harman.. keep it up…

  3. Loved your curls Harman.I have wavy hair and I love to use a flat iron to curl my hair.These look like a really cool product if you want to stay away from heating tools.Nice buy.

  4. You looking awesome sweetie pie 😉

  5. wooow..i love heatless methods of curls..ever tried braiding on damp hair and keeping them overnight? i love the end result

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