Inglot Duraline Review!

Hey pretties,

Hope you’re having a nice week. I cant believe it’s just Wednesday today. Can it be Friday alreadyyy?! I’m gonna review my Duraline solution from Inglot which I got a while ago. I have heard so many things about it and I finally decided to try it out! Read on to know more 🙂


Price- 850/-

Availability – Inglot Stores, Major Brand site

So Duraline is mainly a clear liquid which can turn any powder formulation to liquid. It can also be used with loose glitter and can also help soften dried out gel liners etc. I bought Duraline when I got my Gold glitter from Inglot. I have always been a big fan of Glitter eye makeup looks. I just find making your eyes a disco ball sooo pretty!


If you try to use loose glitter without anything as a base for it to stick on to, be rest assured it will go all over the place. Duraline acts as that base which holds all of the glitter together. I have worn glitter on my eyelids for an entire day without having much fall out. You can either mix your glitter and duraline together to get a custom shadow or you can first apply duraline on your eyelids with your fingers first and then put glitter on with a synthetic brush for a more diffused glitter effect.

Coming to reviving dried out gel liners, this does a great job and makes your product very nice and creamy again. The only problem with that is if you add in too much of the liquid, your liner will become too creamy and will not set very nicely. It will transfer and lose its long lasting capabilities. The best suggestion I can give is to add it little by little until you get a texture that you can work with. DSC_0524

Using this with powder shadows makes them into a liquid liner of any colour that you desire. I did that for my Colourful liner makeup look and it was so easy to use the shadows later. The pigmentation was amazing. The only problem is that the shadows started cracking in certain places as I probably added a little extra liquid. I would suggest using a very small quantity with your powder shadows as it can get cracks easily if you use too much. Duraline is great with coloured shadows as you can use it to bring out the true vibrancy of the colour. I will try to do more looks with it.


Overall, I think this is a great product which is definitely a must have for people that like trying out different looks or for those annoyed at their gel products drying out too fast. I dont think you will be disappointed 🙂

Here is an old look that I did by mixing metallic powder shadows with Duraline.



1. Easy to use

2. Converts any powder to liquid

3. Makes products have amazing pigmentation

4. Can be used with loose glitters

5. Can be used to revive dried gel liners

6. Easily available


None for me!

My rating – 5/5

See you all soon <3

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  1. In love with your gorgeous eotd…i m getting it asap ,:)

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