Just Herbs Fair-e Skin Lightening Gel Review!

Hey girls

I’m back with another skincare review for you all. I did a Just Herbs haul a while ago and got a few things from their collection. Since the last few years I have been big time into organic skincare. I try to use as little chemicals on my face as possible as I have chronic eczema and I dont like irritating my skin with some extra chemicals (read my eczema story here). I first tried Just Herbs when I got a sample size of their sunscreen in my Fab Bag a few years ago. I just loved how that sunscreen felt so I decided to order some more skincare during a Nykaa sale.


Price – 495/-

Availability – Nykaa(here) and Just Herbs site (here)

The packaging is pretty standard with a round tub and a round thingie that separates the lid and the product so it does not spill. The gel is clear peach in colour and is a bit sticky to the touch. I generally use clean, washed hands to take some out.


The gel spreads easily on the skin and only a little bit is needed to cover the entire face. On its own, it does not provide enough moisture to the skin. I generally use a heavy duty cream like Cetaphil on top to keep my skin hydrated. The gel claims to get rid of pigmentation, spots etc. I am not 100% happy with the claims on lightening the pigmentation. I have a lot of pigmentation on my chin which flairs up a bit more during an eczema breakout hence I am always looking for products that lighten that pigmentation and make the skin look more even.

DSCN0899 DSCN0900

I used this for about a month or more and then stopped using it when I could not see any visible effects. It does impart some glow to the skin but its nothing that noticeable for me. Maybe it’s just my skin type because I have seen other reviews and people just seem to love it. The gel does not sting or irritate the skin even when I do have a breakout. For people with oily skin, they can just use it on its own and skip the moisturizer on top.


Overall, I expected more from this gel and I am a bit disappointed. Wish it had worked better on my skin. If you decide to try it out, or have tried it already do share with me how it worked for you all 🙂



  1. Easily available
  2. Affordable for the quantity
  3. Spreads easily
  4. Does not sting or irritate the skin
  5. Chemical free


  1. Does not fulfill all of the claims especially the pigmentation ones

My rating – 3.5/5

See you all soon 🙂

5 comments on “Just Herbs Fair-e Skin Lightening Gel Review!

  1. Harman I tried the Just Herbs Beauty Elixir Face Serum thinking that it is free of chemicals and it is goinh to do wonders to my skin but this serum didn’t do anything for me at all.It was such a dud for me too.
    The packaging looks so classy but sadly this product didn’t deliver what it claimed to do.Sad…

  2. It’s disappointing that this didn’t work for you. I haven’t used this one but I liked their face wash and sunscreen. Great review.

  3. I have used it and liked it. But has it done anything for pigmentation? No. But I liked how it use to calm my skin, my skin gets very itchy. I guess its better to use it to make the skin happy, apart from that nothing great. 🙂

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  4. I have used this, and I totally agree with you, it does not do much for scars and pigmentation. But for oily skin its an excellent moisturizer. Same goes for the Blemigel face gel from Just herbs.

  5. I second your thoughts Harman… I have tried Few just Just Herbs products too in the past.. And was really dissapointed as it just didnt give any effect on the skin. You should probably try Aroma Essential / Pure Suds / Juciy Chemistry. They have completely Organic and Natural products which actually work! http://www.scarletblushblog.com/pure-suds-choco-and-coffee-face-scrub/
    P.s. I like your new website layout 🙂

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