Khadi Fairy Glow Serum review!

Hey girls

Sorry for being missing from the blog since the last few days. I have been a bit busy with work and home. Anyway, I am bringing you my favourite serum of the moment. I have been using this since the last few months and I absolutely love it. It’s very affordable and lasts pretty long as well. I got it from a Khadi store locally. One thing I am not 100% sure of is whether this is the same Khadi we see online or not. The store I got my stuff from had a lot of skincare, hair and food items. I literally bought so much stuff from there. You can see a picture of it on my Instagram (follow me there if you’re not already).


Price – 200/-

I am a big fan of serums for skincare. I remember I used to have the Kama Ayurveda’s Kumkumadi fluid and absolutely loved it. I used it until they went so outrageous with their price hikes. It went from 900 to 1350 in under a month and I did not like the way brand raised the prices by almost 50%. I dont think I bought it after that.


I did not expect the products from this brand to be so affordable. When I was looking at what all I have, the guy recommended me to try this serum which is very good for getting glowing skin. I am not as much concerned about fairer skin as I am for even and pigmentation less skin. The serum costs only 200 which is great since it last pretty long. You are supposed to take a drop or two and mix it with a few drops of water and use it. I have tried it with face mists but I think it works best with water. Since it is a bit oil based, it does not completely get absorbed into the skin, also the skin looks a bit shiny for sometime. I dont use it in the daytime because it has no spf but it works great for night time use.

DSCN0535 DSCN0536

The moisturization it gives is enough for oily skin but not for dry skin. I usually follow it up with Cetaphil cream since I want to keep the area with eczema hydrated throughout the night. The oil is a bit yellow in colour and has a thick consistency. My bottle is not too photogenic since I have been using it since quite sometime 😛


Coming to the claims I think they are a bit far reached like all other brands but I am 100% seeing a difference in my skin pigmentation and the marks. It does not work for dark circles but has lightened  my stubborn pigmentation to some extent. I am so impressed with the quality of it coming at this price point. It did not break me out either which is great however every skin is different and you should closely observe if you are seeing any breakouts on your skin. Also does not work on any wrinkles either 🙂


Overall, I love this serum and I am definitely gonna repurchase it. I highly recommend it to you all. I just wish the consistency was a bit different so it was easier to absorb but apart from that no other complains. 🙂


1. Affordable

2. Moisturizes to some extent

3. Helps lighten pigmentation

4. Did not break me out

5. Lightens acne marks


1. Consistency

My rating – 4.9/5

See you all soon! 🙂


17 comments on “Khadi Fairy Glow Serum review!

  1. Dear Mam,
    Plz tell me were to get this serum

    • Hey Supriya. I got this from a khadi store in Sector 17, Chandigarh. I believe Khadi must have similar stores in all big cities!

  2. Thanks for the review but from where to buy?

  3. Kama Kumkumadi has gone to 1800 bucks now I guess. I am trying out facial oils now, would try this, since it is working on pigmentation, and extremely affordable too.

  4. i will surely get this if i spot it as it sounds both effective and affordable… btw, aroma magic also has a similar named oil but that is an essential oil blend (not serum though) meant for oily skin 🙂

  5. I am defielty giving this a try if I ever spot this. Nice review 🙂

  6. I have never used serums and I really want to try one. This looks great 🙂

  7. Great to know that it helps reduces the pigmentation..Nice review!

  8. i was looking out for a serum lately..I would love to give khadi a shot 😀

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