Lakme fairy dust eyeshadow in Golden + smokey EOTD

Hey everyone,

I thought I should review my very first Golden eye shadow today. I got this shadow back in October. I needed a Golden eye shadow because my sister’s wedding was coming and I needed an eyeshadow to go well with all my Ethnic clothes. I had no Mac or Inglot makeup back then and Lakme was the best option. I searched and finally got this shadow. How I like it, lets find out.
Price:- 525/-
Well I used this eye shadow during two of the functions. It is not a very intense colour, the pigmentation is sort of less but still I like it. It is a true golden colour which is average in terms of pigmentation. It comes with a Sponge applicator. A weird sponge I tell you. Its conical in shape as you can see from the pictures. I apply the eye shadow directly from the sponge and it is easier that way.
I dont like the fact that the powder is so loose that whenever I open it, powder falls all over the place. The same happens when I close it too. So you need to be very careful when opening or closing this eye shadow. Since it is a sheer colour you can easily use it for less formal events too. The eye shadow did not crease when I wore it, so that is a plus point. But I think if you wear it in very hot and humid climates, it may crease.
I have not tried the other colours from this range but I like this one. I think the price is very high for its performance. You should rather opt for Inglot freedom system eye shadows if you need golden and other such colours. But if you are looking for a sheer type of a colour, this can be used. Its pretty easy to use and store.
Without flash


With flash
Here you can see my eye makeup for the Sangeet function. Do let me know if you want me to do a tutorial on this look. The picture is not too clear, if I find the full version, I ll update it later. 🙂


1. Beautiful colour
2. Lasts long
3. Easy to apply
1. Expensive
2. Fall out during opening and closing
3. Not very pigmented
My rating:- 3.5/5
Have a great week ahead 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the follow, following you back…
    you look gorgeous dear ^.^

  2. Thank you so much Sangy 🙂

  3. kindly remove the last pic dear….its so blurred…all the pixels have exploded out of their place….and besides that make u look so bad, inspite of the beauty u possess…:P

  4. I said I would update it when I get the other picture 🙂 ANd your eye sight bad dudeeeeeee

  5. This makeup look is fantastic! I love it!

  6. Thank you so much 🙂

  7. luv it dear…. so beautiful:)))

  8. Thank you so much Renji 🙂

  9. love love love your eye makeup in this pic…amazingg

  10. @Sunshine Beauty- Thank you so much 🙂

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