Lotus Herbals Pure radiance matte glow daily foundation review

Hey guys,
Hope you all are having a good time. I m back into my normal form. It was a hectic week but every bit worth it. I thought I would do a foundation review for you all.

This one is the Lotus Herbals foundation in the colour Fresh Ivory. I bought this foundation without any particular reason. I had a coupon code for jabong.com, so i thought that I would order something before that coupon expired. I bought 3 things including this foundation.


What the company claims:-

Price:- 175/- I got it for even more discount

The packing as you can see is so easy to use. Just press and voila! no wastage at all.

By now i have used this foundation quite many times and I really like it like all the other Lotus herbals products. This is a very light coverage foundation which is not at all heavy on the skin. It is more like a tinted moisturizer. It does have SPF which is a plus point since you dont have to layer it on top of a sunscreen. I have basically kept it for the evenings when the rays are not that prominent.

There are only 3 colours available in this foundation. And the foundation itself has 2 textures, one is normal but the other is shimmer one. I personally dont find the shimmer version as good, makes me feel like I am a disco ball. The normal one can be worn on an everyday basis. The other thing is that it may be an issue to find colours that match your skin tone. Mine was pure hit and trial and luckily since it is light coverage, it actually matches my skintone well. This particular shade has a bit of pink tone in it but i dont really mind that since its not that obvious.

The best part is it pretty inexpensive. Seriously for a person like me who does not wear foundations on an everyday basis, this kind of works pretty well. My best foundation by far is still the Revlon Colorstay but this one is not bad at all either. It works so well. If you’re someone who likes to wear a foundation on an evryday basis but dont want an expensive one then do try this one out.

This foundation has not broken me out at all. It is pretty sheer and wont look fake on your face. Its something to try out if you’re newly entering into the world of beauty and makeup. So if you find a perfect match, then do give it a try. Its pretty inexpensive too.

See the swatches of it and how it looks after blending.



1. Lightweight
2. Inexpensive
3. Does not break out
4. Available everywhere Lotus Herbals is sold

1. Does not last all day

So guys, final word, give it a try its not bad for beginners. But if you want a heavy coverage one then try the Colorstay foundation. Its one of the best.

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  1. I love your reviews, Harman. This looks like a decent product, I will purchase it once I get over with my ponds TM which has been sadly discontinued. tc 🙂

  2. Oh wow thank you so much. 🙂 I heard about the ponds TM too late so never tried. 😛 But this is like a tinted moisturizer too. I dont think you ll regret 🙂

  3. nice review… but do you think it will be good to wear everyday in office???

  4. Nice Review.. and cute blogg

  5. Hi thank you so much for stopping by 🙂

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