Make up collection and organization and FOTD

Hey guys,
I was out of town yesterday. And after such a long hunt online and in various stores i finally found a vanity mirror. As i was arranging it on my vanity, i thought i would do a make up collection and organization post. I have collected so much of make up over the past year, mainly because of my sister’s wedding. A lot of my make up has been gifted to me by my lovely relatives ( if you’re reading, Thank you so much! <3) and some i have collected and shopped for on my own.

This is an organizer that i newly got. It was an idea that I got from Parita di, i just love my organizer so much. I am also uploading my brushes which generally sit inside my almira since they catch dust outside. I am not trying to brag or anything, this is my passion and i love having makeup stuff 🙂 This is a picture heavy post. I hope you guys like it 🙂







I just got a new haircut today. Heres a random pic of my haircut 🙂


I hope you all like this post and please comment and let me know if you want any specific review 🙂
Take care. Bye!

20 comments on “Make up collection and organization and FOTD

  1. simply drooling 🙂 what a collection !!!
    love the lipstick stand 🙂

  2. Awesome collection! And the haircut really suits you. Looking very pretty:)

  3. Hey…great post! love ur organizer..can u tel me wer i wud b able to get one. jus like u i too have a huge collection of makeup stuff dats all scattered. i, too, would like to organize them! thanks 🙂

  4. Does Biotique Kajal give a dark bold line? And which is the lightest shade out of the 3 Maybelline BB creams. I dont understand the shades

    • Hi. Yes it does give a nice bold line but smudges so much. I love the fact that its herbal but it does nt last long. Will do a review on it soon 🙂 the bb creams are sort of different colours. I thought radiance was the lightest and I got it but now I find it too pinkish for my skintone. So if you're a bit on the yellow side check out the shade natural. But if your pinkish toned then radiance is your colour. Hope this helped 🙂

  5. my my.. thts sum collection u hav there.. luved the entire thing .. 😉

  6. wow !!! such a huge collection & you have naked 2 palette!!!!
    loved that mirror stand 🙂

  7. hi goga…just loved ur collection…and u r looking stunning with that haircut…..

    sweetheart following u now on gfc….hope u too follow back

    hope u too show love back <3

  8. heya urs is a very lovely refreshing blog..keep up d good work! i hv a question,hw did u manage to get this organizer frm oficeyes??? i tried bt they require a organisation proof… hw to do dat???

    • Hi thank you so much. Thats so sweet of you 🙂 actually my family has their own business so I provided that as a proof. Maybe you could provide the business proof of anyone you know has a business 🙂

  9. Pretty awesome collection of makeup 🙂 liked it

  10. @Mona- Thank you so much 🙂

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