Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix liquid concealer in Medium review!

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Hope you’re having a nice week 🙂 I am looking forward to Friday so much. I thought I would review this concealer I have had for a while today. I ordered it last year along with Makeup Revolution flawless eye shadow palette and got a good deal on both. Read on to know my experience with this concealer.


Price- You will need to see the current deals, I got it for about 300/-

I have the colour medium in this one. It is a good match for my skintone, the colour has tiniest bit of pink undertones though. The concealer comes in a lip gloss like tube with a similar doe foot applicator. It is easy to spread it wherever you want easily with this applicator.


The coverage of this one is pretty low. I would say this is the lowest coverage I have ever seen in a concealer. I mainly use it around the mouth or on the forehead when I am not wearing any BB cream or foundation. It just gives that little bit of even tone to the skin. To be honest I am mainly using it there too because I have spent money on it and want to finish it haha 😛

DSC_0203 DSC_0205

Coming to my biggest problem with this concealer. I think you can pretty much blend it out everywhere except under the eyes. I have tried it so many different ways for covering under eye dark circles but I fail to get any good result either way. The problem is when I put it on under the eyes, as soon as I start blending it, it rolls off everywhere and I have crumbles of the concealer left on my hands and under the eyes. It is so bad that I have to wipe it all off and use something else. Even if I accidentally manage to blend it in, the coverage is so low that if I go over with another layer it rolls off again. There is no winning situation with this thing. I have tried a sponge, fingers and brushes but no luck.

DSC_0207 DSC_0208

To be honest, I will not recommend this to anyone. I think for that price you are better off taking chances online and ordering an LA girl Pro conceal (Review here).


1. Easy to use applicator


1. Lowest coverage ever

2. Impossible to blend

3. Rolls off in a weird way

4. Price for the quality you get

My rating – 2/5 (2 for being able to use it in place of a BB Cream :P)

See you soon 🙂




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