Makeup Revolution Powder Blushes Review!

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I’m reviewing my go to blushes these days which I am using almost everyday since I got them from Makeup Revolution UK (My haul post is here if you want to see it). These blushes come in a lot of different shades and retail for just one pound which is such a great price. Makeup Revolution has amazing prices seriously. I am very impressed by this brand. You can now buy their products online from Nykaa as well. I will list the link to these blushes below but sadly they are all out of stock at the moment.



Price – 420/- in India

Availability – here, Makeup Revolution India website  and here

The colours I will be reviewing today are called Now and Sugar. Both are neutral shades one more pink and the other more peach. They come in the standard packaging as those of the single eyeshadows from the brand. I have absolutely not complaints when it comes to their packaging at all. They close nicely and are also easy to open.


Both shades are so incredibly pigmented that I have a hard time not over applying them. I just touch my brush to the blush pan once and get so much of nice colour. I have never seen a drugstore blush so pigmented and not chalky at all. It honestly gives my MAC blushes a run for their money. If you use a brush that is a little bit harsh then there will be a bit of a fall out. In order to avoid any fall out, you literally just have to touch your brush to the blush.

makeuprevolutionblush makeuprevolutionblush7

On the cheek both colours blend so easily and do not apply patchy at all. They blend very easily and last all day long. There is very minimal fading of the blush throughout the day. For this price, I dont think they could have been made any better. Both colours show up nicely on me. I think they would look good on medium to light skintones. They may not show up too well on very dark skintones.

makeuprevolutionblush6 makeuprevolutionblush5

Overall, I love both of these blushes. I think they are such a steal even at the Indian price. Most drugstore blushes we get here are not even that pigmented and look very chalky as well. I think if you are building your makeup vanity or looking for affordable MAC dupes then don’t forget to check these out. The colour Now is the pinker one and Sugar has more peach and warm tones in it.

makeuprevolutionblush4 makeuprevolutionblush2 makeuprevolutionblush1


  1. Affordable
  2. Good colour selection
  3. Pigmented
  4. Not much fall out
  5. Not chalky
  6. Easily Available
  7. Not tested on animals


  1. None for me

My rating – 5/5

See you all soon <3

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  1. Both the shades are super pretty! <3

  2. These are so pretty… 🙂

  3. Super pretty 🙂 I love MUR products..

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