Maybelline Colossal Waterproof Mascara review!

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Hope your week is going along well. I am such a big fan of lashes these days. My everyday makeup also includes just using a mascara on the eyes. Mascara is a saviour for me because I cannot wear eyeshadow or eyeliner everyday due to my eczema issues. I would really have loved doing different eye makeup looks everyday but cannot because most of the days my eyes have a severe rash or are itchy in general 🙁 When I look back in time, I can remember putting all of the makeup on for any occasion and always forgetting mascara haha. I had no clue how to make my lashes look bigger back then or how to properly use mascara. My eyelashes always felt very heavy because I think I wasnt changing my mascara very often. Oh well, all is well that ends well. Read on to know what I think of this cult favourite mascara.


Price- 375/-

I have a habit of changing my mascara every three months. I feel that if I try to stretch beyond that it always makes my lashes look clumpy and weird. Plus I have always felt mascaras dry up super fast in the Indian climate. So as soon as it stops working for me, I go ahead and change it. I think it’s better to be safe and avoid any infections as this is one thing that goes near the eyes and since I have sensitive skin I always need to be very careful. When I ran out of my Maybelline the falsies (review is here) I decided to try out the Colossal as I had always heard such good things about it. I went ahead and bought the waterproof version as they hold the curl better.


My first impression of this was – Oh No bad choice, does nothing for my lashes but turns out I was not using it correctly. Now my lashes are extremely straight. They havent a bit of a curl to them. I put this mascara on without curling my lashes and was instantly disappointed. For the next few days I tried using it with my falsies for the added curl but was not very happy with it. But now I think I have figured out the correct usage for this. This mascara does not curl your lashes even a single bit but does help to keep the curl. If you have lashes that have a natural curl this is perfect for you but for you others like me, always keep an eyelash curler handy.


The mascara gives my lashes a lot of volume and never ever clumps which is which I love this so much. The shape and size of the brush separates all of the lashes and makes them look thicker. It does not flake but I see slight smudges near by eyebrow throughout the day. For some reason waterproof mascaras seem to do that to me. The always smudge on the area that they touch. This one is a very deep black colour and gives my lashes a nice fuller look. It does not weigh my lashes down and holds the curl all day.


The mascara comes off easily with a bi phased makeup remover. For some reason it did not come off with Garnier Micellar water which is a dupe for the Bioderma one so I always use two different makeup removers to clean my makeup.


Overall, I love this mascara. If you are not in the habit of using a lash curler and have straight lashes then you will like the Maybelline falsies better than this. If you are like me and always curl your lashes I think you would really enjoy the fuller, separated look it gives to the lashes.

DSC_0182 (3)


1. Non clumpy

2. Does not flake

3. Holds curl all day

4. Affordable

5. Gives a lot of volume


1. Does not curl lashes on its own

My rating – 4/5

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  1. This is my go to mascara. I don’t use mascara much. But when I do, I like to reach for this.

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