Maybelline New Lasting Drama Gel Liner review!

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Hope you all had a lovely Diwali. Wishing you all a wonderful and prosperous year ahead. I have been taking a break from work and blogging for some days now. Just enjoying the festive season with my family. I have been using this Gel liner ever since I got it, I thought I should review it for you all today. I remember I used to have the old gel liner and I really liked it as well. I even got the Brown and Gold version of it which is still sitting somewhere in my makeup drawer. I should probably hunt it out before it dried up completely haha. Maybelline revamped their old gel liner and came up with this even longer lasting one. Read on to know more 🙂

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Price- 500/- I think. I am not sure of the exact price as I got mine off Amazon in their Diwali sale for a little cheaper

The packaging has been redone. It now comes in a square base with a black cap instead of a metallic one. The brush that comes with it is still the same. I rarely use that brush to apply my liner as I find it easier to use with a different one.

The liner is matte black which is what I like. I have itchy eyes and I have a constant habit of itching in the inner corners. Whenever I do that my liner from the inner part always comes out which is why I was looking for one that does not smudge. I thought of this and went ahead and ordered it as it was a bit discounted on the Amazon sale. I have not been disappointed since.

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This is really long lasting and does not smudge easily. I think the claim of 36 hour is a bit far stretched but I cannot comment as I never sleep with makeup on. I always remove every trace of makeup before sleeping. But for the few hours that I do have it on, it does not spread or smudge. I even rub and itch my eyes occasionally but it does not come off.

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For some reason I am not comfortable with wearing this on my lower waterline. I trust only organic liners for that but lately for some reason whatever I put on always makes my eyes tired. This one however did not tire them out too much.

DSC_0121 (3) DSC_0122 (3)

The only con I think this has is the fact that it is a bit time consuming to put this one. You need to work out the perfect brush to use this with. I use a flat angled liner brush but I am more comfortable with a brush that resembles a liquid liner brush. I should go buy the 0 number drawing brush to try hehe. There is one by Vega that does a good job as well. I am not sure for how long I can use this before it dries out but I hope I can get a good use out of it. I have already bought the Duraline to revive it in case it dries out.

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Overall I love this liner and I am really enjoying using it once again. Do give it a try if you want a smudge free eyeliner. You can see this one in action inn my post here.



1. Long lasting

2. Smudge free

3. Affordable

4. Matte black


1. Takes time to apply

2. May dry out soon

3. Maybelline tests on animals from what I have heard 🙁 We have almost no animal cruelty free options in India

My rating – 5/5

See you all soon!


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  1. Hey Harman, this is my go to eyeliner ! Ever since have bought it there is no looking back 😀

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