Milani Blush in Dolce Pink review!

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How is your week going? I am having a nice break from work and spending it away in my hometown. I wanted to get a Blush review up for you all. I got this blush from Milani after seeing a video from emilynoel83 about it being a dupe for a MAC blush. I cannot quite remember which blush it was but you can go through her videos on Youtube and check out her Dupes videos. Most of them are very accurate and it’s good to have less expensive options for makeup out there.

DSC_0773 (2)

Price – Varies from site to site. Usually between $7 – $9

DSC_0783 (2)

DSC_0774 (2) DSC_0777

The packaging is standard blush like with two different compartments. The lower one has a mirror and a tiny useless little brush. To be honest I almost forgot there was a brush in there too 😛 I have never used the brush that it comes with as its very flat and coarse. It might be useless in Contouring (surely need to try that) but not so much in actual Blush application.

DSC_0786 (2) DSC_0787 (2) DSC_0789 (2)

DSC_0779 (2) DSC_0775 (2)

The colour is a beautiful baby pink almost leaning towards coral with tons of golden shimmer. The baked blush is indeed so pretty that I could literally stare at it for hours. It is so pretty in the pan. For some reason it reminds me of the Galaxies and stars etc haha. There is minimal fall out on using this one. There is a lot of shimmer in it, so if you are not a shimmer/glitter fan then you should skip this. Also it is more appropriate for Evening/Night time as it’s a really glamorous blush!

DSC_0778 (2) DSC_0780

The actual colour of the blush is pretty light. It’s not too pigmented so you need to swirl a few times in the pan to pick up enough amount. I think that is mainly because the actual focus of this blush is the baked glitter. This would not really show up very well on darker skin tones as it is actually pretty light in colour. The shimmer in it is very fine and not gritty at all. But whenever you turn your face from side to side you can see tiny particles shimmering on your face. If you prefer a more natural look then this blush is not really for you. You certainly dont need a highlighter with this as it has a lot of shimmer as it is.

DSC_0776 (2)

The lasting power is pretty standard. It stays on for about 5 hours after which the shimmer becomes more prominent than the actual colour. Even though I dont use this one much because it does not look very natural I still would not part with my blush at all haha. I think if shimmer/glitter is your thing then you should surely give this one a try. Its a beautiful colour. I’m actually wearing this blush in my post here a year and half ago. Okay, how weird is it that I actually remember what makeup products I used in any of my older pics! I must be obsessed 😀

DSC_0791 DSC_0793 DSC_0051

This is how it looks under flash. Lots of shimmer going on there!


This is how it looks under natural lighting.


1. Beautifully baked blush

2. Good lasting power

3. Sturdy packaging

4. Finely milled shimmer

5. Affordable


1. Lots of obvious shimmer

My rating – 4.5/5

See you girls soon!




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  1. I love this shade! Milani products are always so good! Is this available somewhere in India?

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