My makeup of the day: PINK!

Hiya girls,

Hope you had a wonderful day. I love love love both my new Inglot eyeshadows. I just could nt wait to try them on. The rainbow shadow is just so pretty. I was gonna wear a pink shirt to office today and thought it was the perfect day to use the Rainbow shadow. It was my first time wearing such a bright shadow to work but I absolutely loved how it turned out. I went pink all the way with the blush and the  lipstick. Here are the pictures.
Hope you all like them 🙂



Please comment, your comments make my day 🙂

7 comments on “My makeup of the day: PINK!

  1. aww you look like a doll, so pretty 🙂

  2. You look really pretty here harman .. would love to try rainbow shades ..

  3. pink pink 🙂 nice look

  4. let me be your 100th GFC follower.. congratulations!!!

  5. thank you girls 🙂 Shalini- do try they're amazing
    And Shikha a special thank you to you 🙂

  6. you look super cute 🙂

  7. @Sunshine Beauty- Thank you 🙂

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