My Mua order 3!

Hey everyone, 

So I received my first MUA order out of two on the 50% off sale. I thought I should share the pictures with you all as soon as possible. Enjoy the photus and tell me what you think of my order 🙂
The pictures are not too good since its raining since morning and its so hard to get a good shot. But hopefully you can easily make out all that I bought






I am so super excited!!! All this for just about 1600 INR. Now that is awesome 🙂

15 comments on “My Mua order 3!

  1. amazing haul harman! I hope you'll review the fixing mist soon!

  2. Where did you get all this cool stuff at such a low price babe?

  3. ooh…thats a nice haul…I am really looking forward to your review of the fur effect nails

  4. great haul Gogs..:)
    For that price its just awaesome yaar.. love it.:)

  5. Nyccc stufff.. hey pls tell me how to shop from mua ??? I tried but got confused . Help if u can.

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