Organic Harvest Skin Lightening Mask Review!

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Sorry I was missing since the last few days. I had a bit of a writer’s block. I’m gonna be reviewing this face pack today which I have been using since the last few months. Sorry the pictures have their white balance a bit off, I’m not quite sure why. Anyhow let’s move on with the review shall we? 🙂


Price- 425/- although seems like they have increased it now

Availability- General beauty stores and online Amazon and Nykaa to name a few

I swear I get so influenced into buying certain skincare by the sales girls in some stores. They keep telling me ‘iske result bahut achhe hain’ (The results of this are very good) and I come home with huge expectations and sometimes that product entirely does not work out for me. I bought one such thing soon which is so horrible that I have decided never to buy skincare on impulse >.< Anyway coming back to this review. Organic Harvest claims to give lighter skin and get rid of any pigmentation and brown spots.


The pack itself is white in colour and has a creamy consistency. It spreads easily on the skin and becomes a bit transparent when fully dry. You need to take it off by rubbing it properly. I’ve seen this texture before in a face pack but I cant recall the name right now. I will update it here if I remember 🙂


Coming to the claims, I dont really see any change in the pigmentation of my skin so far but I guess the consistent eczema might be preventing the pigmentation from clearing up. When washed off the pack gives a soft glow to the face which lasts for a few hours. I generally use this about one time a week but I have not noticed any huge changes in my skin. The mask is pretty damn pricey compared to some other ones. I prefer a mask I got from Khadi over this, that is half of its price.


Overall, I am not very impressed with this product and I think you can skip it. The very good part is that its Organic but in today’s world where so many brands are coming out with organic products you can easily find one that suits you the best.


  1. Easily available
  2. Good quantity
  3. Does not make skin dry
  4. Organic
  5. Imparts a temporary glow


  1. No effect on pigmentation or skin lightening
  2. Pricey

My rating – 3/5

See you all soon <3


14 comments on “Organic Harvest Skin Lightening Mask Review!

  1. love the honest review…i am never really a fan of their pdts except fr their eye gel and body washes

  2. This seems to be a dissapointing product..I am anyway very particular about what goes on my skin ..I will skip it 🙂

  3. Disappointing product. It does a basic job, definetly a skip for me. Thanks for review 🙂

  4. Nice review, very disappointing that it didn’t work for you. Have a great day <3

  5. Babe your review is an honest one.. thx for sharing/…atleast, now we r nt gonna buy it and waste our money….
    xoxo, Neha

  6. Harman I like Organic Harvest products as they are sulphates and paraben free.This one looked like a nice one but sadly it didn’t work for you.I too will let this one pass.

  7. I was expecting that this would work on pigmentation but sadly it doesn’t…loved the review, I would skip it..

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