Outfit and Makeup of the day: Red dress and Strobing!

Hello everyone

Hope you guys are having a great week. Have any of you felt that your skin becomes so much better in the Monsoon season? For me it makes my eczema so much better and clears away my pigmentation to a big extent. Let’s hope the good skin days are here to stay. I had such a bad breakout a few months ago. Acne attacked my Chin area big time.


Anyways, I got all dressed up yesterday to go out for dinner. Nothing too fancy though. I thought I would try the new Strobing trend. I didnt highlight my nose and the forehead as my skin is already pretty oily. I did however properly highlight my cheekbones and I really liked how it turned out. Hope you can spot it in the pics below.

DSC_0751 (2) DSC_0732 (2)

My dress is from Splash. I love their clothes, they have such a great selection at very affordable prices. The heels are from Clarks. I just added a white belt as the dress was a bit loose from the waist.

red2 red4 red3

Enjoy the pics and let me know what you guys think 🙂

DSC_0733 red5




8 comments on “Outfit and Makeup of the day: Red dress and Strobing!

  1. loved it girl 😉 You look very pretty as always….I love Red combinations…
    Is that your home…Nice decor 🙂

  2. your dress is so cute!!! 🙂

  3. The dress looks so pretty on you Harman! 🙂 I love splash for the same reason. Need to go for shopping really soon!

    And the highlighter looks very nice on your skin! I wish I get it right sometime soon. The strobing trend is all over the internet.!

    Take care. Have a lovely day!

    • Hey Lancy! Thank you. Splash is so cool and they have a flat 50% off going on right now! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  4. Hey! I think the strobing trend is over rated.. Plus the face looks differently whitish! U look so much better with the bronze on. U have great features bro, dont indulge in patch making. And the dress looks good. #constructive_criticism#

    • Hey Rosal. I appreciate the Constructive criticism. I know it’s kind of over rated but I personally like it better than overly bronzed skin. I dont quite indulge in patch making or whitish skin trends either 🙂

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