Philips Curl Care Control review!

Hello girls

I am reviewing a hair styling product today. I have had this rod for about 2  years now and it is my favourite product for hair curling. This is something that I use very often both for Everyday and special occassions. Read on more about it.

Price – 2195/- I am not sure what the price is now as I bought it two years ago


The curler is a Ceramic wand which is tapered towards the end. There is no hook to hold the hair, to be honest I prefer it that way. A hook often leaves a dent where the hair is held and I dont like that. The rod heats up to 200 Degrees Celsius. I generally keep it between 180-190 and use a heat protectant before using it.


The tapered shape gives such a nice curl which is thicker at the beginning and thinner (less diameter) at the end. It gives proper spirals and very tight curls. The thing with this is, it does not let you put in loose curls. I am a fan of tight curls so I dont mind that fact. If you want looser curls you should get a wand which is thicker throughout.


The curling iron is perfect for short to medium length hair. For longer hair it may be a bit hard to  get all of the hair wrapped around the wand as its thinner towards the end. For me it literally takes me about 10 to 15 minutes to curl hair throughout. If I want the curl to be more defined I hold it around the wand for 10 to 12 seconds and if I am in a rush then I hardly hold it for 7 to 8 seconds. Since I already have hair that is curly and wavy, it is so easy for me to define the curls using this.

The curls last until I next shampoo which is beyond impressive. I remember on my cousin’s engagDSC_0198ement I went and got my hair curled from a salon, the guy first straightenend them and then curled, the curls literally lasted just 15 minutes after which the went limp and straight. I have had major hair accidents whenever I get my hair styled for occasions so I have decided to always do it myself now. I curled my hair for my birthday, for my cousin’s reception and this wand is the one thing I always come back to. I absolutely love it.

One thing I have noticed is that if I run my fingers through freshly curled hair or comb them a bit, they become more frizzy and last lesser so I would recommend not doing that often. The wand has a turbo curl button, which I will be honest with you I have never used. I believe you hold it when hair is wrapped around and when the rod starts beeping you let go. I rather prefer my own counting 🙂

Overall, I loveeeee this curling rod. I was trying to find it online but I could not anymore. If you see it available in any stores near you and want a curling rod, without a doubt pick this up. I highly recommend.  You can see the curls on me in this pic below. To be honest you can see them in any posts where I have curls including on my birthday 🙂



1. Good temperature settings

2. Curls last until you wash hair

3. Affordable

4. Different heat settings

5. Gives a nice defined curl


1. May be hard to curl very long hair

My rating – 5/5

See you all soon 🙂


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