Plum Grapeseed and Sea Buckthorn Day Cream and Renaissance mask review!

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I’m here with another review of one of products from the brand Plum. You can read my reviews on the Grapeseed and Sea Buckthorn Night cream here and on the Hello Aloe Skin loving pair here. I discovered this brand through Facebook. I was looking for some organic options for skincare as I wasnt very happy with the products I was using at the moment. The ad for Plum came by at the right time and I placed my first order with them. Read on to know how I found these products.


Price – 425/- Facemask and 475/- for the Day cream

Availability – You can order their different Combos here and here or order these individually here and here.

Renaissance Face Mask review-

The face mask comes in a typical tube like packaging like most of their products. As you can see I had an unfortunate incident with this mask. As I was squeezing it out to use it, it didnt come out of the nozzle rather the seam at the end opened and most of the mask fell onto the floor 🙁 I had to shut the tube with glitter tape in order to prevent the mask from drying out. I hope the same incident does not happen with your mask. Otherwise it’s easy to use seeing the squeezy tube.


The best thing about this is that it does not contain any of the harmful chemicals. You can see the ingredient list for it below. It also contains Bentonite clay which is very good for Acne prone skin.


The mask is supposed to be used once a week and not more. As soon as you use it, it gives you a very refreshing feeling and face feels very clean. I use it after using the Foam Scrub from the same brand. The mask is not a very drying one and doesnt feel stretchy on your face. It’s pale brown in colour and spreads easily on the skin.


It gives a little glow to the skin after using. You’re supposed to keep it on for about 30 mins. I have not noticed any change in my skin pigmentation or marks but it is a good product for cleaning and refreshing your skin once a week. I quite like this mask and would recommend it to you all looking for something that makes your skin glow and cleans it out.

My rating – 4/5

Light Stay Day cream review-

Love this stuff. This is a cream that lives up to its claims of being a light hydrating cream. Unlike other creams, it does not feel heavy on the skin, spreads well and gets absorbed quickly. Skin instantly looks very glowy. I did not have too many high expectations from this but it has turned out to be my favourite moisturizer.


The cream is plain white in colour and does not conceal anything. It just moisturizes your face very well. The best part is that it has SPF 30 so it does act as your sunscreen as well. I dont like using a separate sunscreen and moisturizer. Not sure if you know, but a sunscreen has to be the first thing that goes on your face in order to protect your skin. It’s not easy to find a hydrating sunscreen which is why I love this cream.

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It does not control any oil on your skin. So if you have really oily skin I recommend you dont go for this. It goes well for oily and combination skin types. Even my skin becomes shiny around the T-Zone in about 2 hours but I dont mind as I can blot it anytime.


Overall, I love this moisturizer. Go for it if you need a new one with sunscreen that hydrates very well.

My rating – 4.5/5

Hope you guys liked the review.

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  1. Sounds like good products….I am happy it worked for you. Good review

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